NIPSCO Visits CIVS to Discuss Current and Future Collaborations

April 2, 2020

John Moreland and Kyle Toth from CIVS demo multiple applications to the NIPSCO team visiting

Two groups from NIPSCO visited CIVS on February 12 to review interactive education and virtual safety training research and discuss current and potential projects.

The first group included Russ Viater, Vice President of Safety and Technology, and Prajwal Deshpande, who reviewed safety training simulators and discussed next steps to continue collaboration. The second group included Director of Communications, Nick Meyer, Tara McElmurry, and Wendy Lussier who discussed potential projects using interactive visualization for to educate the public on various topics using virtual reality and interactive websites.





John Moreland (CIVS) has a multitude of devices out to show a full suite of CIVS softwares

NIPSCO employees try out some VR applications in the CIVS VIS Lab