Dr. Zhou Gave an Invited Talk at DOE Thermal Process Intensification: TPI Workshop

December 15, 2020

CIVS Director Dr Chenn Zhou was invited to present at the DOE Thermal Process Intensification: Transforming the Way Industry Uses Thermal Process Energy – Transformative Supplemental Technologies  on Dec. 2nd, 2020.  Dr. Zhou’s presentation is on the Integration of Advanced Simulation and Visualization for Manufacturing process Optimization.

The workshop was organized by the DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO).  It brought together participants from across the board (universities/laboratories, industries, equipment manufacturers, technology vendors, NGOs, subject matters experts, etc.) to provide their expertise insights and vision for significantly improved thermal operations across the U.S. industrial sector.)  Expected outcomes of the workshop include:

  • Identify R&D opportunities to significantly improve current thermal processing technologies and develop entirely new methods for (heat) processing materials.
  • Assess the potential for new and innovative approaches, including use of alternate energy sources, to thermally intensify industrial processes, reduce thermal demand, and harness waste heat.
  • Discuss framework for application of the identified innovative technologies in manufacturing environment.
  • Identify the R&D pathways to Thermal Process Intensification in industries with highest potential in short/medium/long-term timeframe.