Cleveland Cliffs Senior Director of Technical Services visits CIVS

March 22, 2021

Nick Kohlhas, Senior Director for Technical Services at Cleveland-Cliffs Company, spent several hours visiting CIVS to discuss ongoing projects, the Steel Manufacturing Simulation and Visualization Consortium, and future collaborations on February 22nd. During the visit, CIVS Director Chenn Zhou, Senior Research Engineer Tyamo Okosun, Senior Research Scientist Jack Moreland, and Research Engineer Kyle Toth showcased CIVS projects and applications in iron and steelmaking (e.g. simulation and analysis of blast furnaces, reheating furnaces, and more) and demonstrated AR and VR technologies. The group was also joined by Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor Area Manager Alex Samardzich, who has worked directly with PNW CIVS team members on the development of a caster digital twin.

Afterwards, the CIVS team, Mr. Samardzich, and Mr. Kohlhas had additional discussion on future research work with Cleveland-Cliffs steelmaking facilities, including on topics such as simulation of new HBI production facilities, refining and inclusion removal in steel ladles, caster digital twin for operation and maintenance, as well as the Integrated Virtual Blast Furnace project newly funded at CIVS by the U.S. Dept. of Energy. The ideas for further application of CIVS’s simulation modeling expertise and visualization technologies for virtual reality applications for training were also discussed.