SMSVC Hosts Successful Virtual Semi-Annual Meeting

April 28, 2021

The Steel Manufacturing Simulation and Visualization Consortium (SMSVC) held its second virtual semi-annual meeting via web conferencing on April 21st and 22nd, 2021. Professionals, researchers, engineers, and managers totaling more than 109 attendees from the fifteen SMSVC member companies convened virtually with CIVS staff and students through the course of a two-day online meeting. The engineers and process professionals from steelmaking plants and research facilities reviewed technical results of the active SMSVC projects and offered guidance for further research, application, and implementation in the areas of energy efficiency, safety and training, product quality, emissions reductions, and more.

Presentations were made by CIVS researchers and graduate students on seven project topics being conducted by the Consortium. These included studies on model development and applications in the areas of the blast furnace, the continuous caster, the electric arc furnace, the reheating furnace, the refining ladle, and safety training. The presenters at this semi-annual meeting included CIVS PhD students Yuchao Chen, Xipeng Guo, and Haibo Ma, CIVS Masters’ students Sam Nielson, Chukwenedum Uzor, and Saswot Thapa, as well as CIVS Research staff Armin Silaen, Nick Walla, Jack Moreland, and Tyamo Okosun.

Following the presentations and discussions of project topics, the SMSVC board held its bi-annual meeting to assess progress and provide feedback to SMSVC staff. The Board and attendees indicated that, as usual, they were impressed and deeply satisfied with the quality of work and the depth of presentation technical content and student understanding.


SMSVC Semi-Annual Meeting Attendees