Matthew Liddick from Charter Steel Gives a Speech in CIVS Seminar

October 20, 2021
Matt Liddick

Matthew Liddick, a Smart Manufacturing Automation Engineering from Charter Steel, was invited to give a speech about Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and the impact they have had over the last 20 years in the CIVS seminar on October 8, 2021. Around 35 CIVS research students and staff joined this special event.

During the seminar, Matt introduced the history and the future of the AGV and his own experience of using AGV in real industry, and his passion for mentoring.  He also pointed out how important creativity and teamwork are in the workplace. Following the seminar, very active discussions were made between the speaker and students. John Rosser, a CIVS graduate student, said “Matt’s seminar is very impressed and one of the best seminars!”.

Matthew Liddick graduated from RIT with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He worked for Intel Corp in their Automation department for 15 years owning all aspects of robotic transport during that time.  He managed systems upgrades both software and hardware to include data center replacements. He has worked for Charter Steel for 2 and a half years working to bring automated systems in to bring relief to an overworked employee base. Throughout his career mentorship, both giving and receiving has been the most rewarding element.