CIVS Presents in PNW Engineering Freshman Orientation

October 21, 2021

On Tuesday October 19th, CIVS Director Dr. Chenn Zhou and CIVS Research Associate Professor Dr. Tyamo Okosun, along with CIVS graduate research assistants Emily Higley, Saswot Thapa, and John Rosser, presented to the freshman engineering students about the CIVS research works in the ENGR 186 class.

Professors Chenn and Okosun each presented the history and purpose of CIVS and explained to students the great opportunity that working with CIVS is for engineering students. To demonstrate examples of these opportunities, John, Emily and Saswot presented their research projects in CIVS along with the accolades it received and how to achieve the academic success during the undergraduate study. They also show the level of technical prowess that can be achieved after joining the research work at CIVS. Freshman students saw firsthand how partnering with CIVS is an excellent opportunity that Purdue Northwest provides them to advance their careers and enhance their skills as engineers.

The class ENGR 186, also known as First Year Seminar for Engineers, allows freshman engineering students to get a first-hand look at the opportunities a career in engineering provides them. Students also receive advice on schooling and are informed of the many opportunities available through Purdue Northwest.