Cleveland Cliffs Visit for Logout-Tagout Training

November 24, 2021

On November 23, 2021, safety instructors from Cleveland Cliffs Burns Harbor’s Deerfield Training Center visited CIVS to review progress on the ongoing ARMSS (Augmented Reality Maintenance and Safety Simulator) project. CIVS senior research scientist, John Moreland hosted the visit and showed the simulator with Augmented Reality headsets.

ARMSS simulator provides step-by-step assistance through a special headset that shows 3D models, text, and images on top of a real world hydraulics lockout-tagout training board. Personnel using the simulator will learn and practice safe lockout-tagout procedures such as safely discharging high voltage electricity, draining hydraulic energy, and using locks and tags to control these and other hazardous energy. Instructors provided good feedback and the team made plans to revise and deploy the AR simulator in 2022.