Join Us for the RET Information Session

February 7, 2023

Program Details

JUNE 12 TO JULY 21, 2023

The RET Program, sponsored by National Science Foundation through a three-year grant, will take place from June 12th – July 21st, 2023 at the RET site established at CIVS on the Purdue University Northwest Hammond Campus.  Engineering, technology, science, and math teachers, are welcome to join us for this paid summer research program!

During the planned six-week program, selected High School and Community College teachers will have a chance to work hand-in-hand with CIVS Researchers and students on CIVS and SMSVC projects and participate in ongoing systems engineering and smart manufacturing research using cutting-edge simulation and visualization technologies. Their research will concentrate on real-world issues to increase energy efficiency, optimize production, and improve product quality and safety in industrial workplace settings. The goal is to enhance STEM education and stimulate high school and community college students’ STEM interests through a partnership with participant teachers, university mentors, and industry engineers using simulation and visualization technologies for innovative industrial solutions and model-based manufacturing.

Participants receive a $6500 stipend for completing the six-week summer research program.

Information Session


The application deadline is Friday, March 10th. The application should include:

  1. A resume showing the courses the applicant teaches
  2. A personal statement/essay (up to two pages) describing your teaching philosophy
  3. Which of the four projects are you interested in and how do you plan to apply the research experience to the classroom

Send all three required documents to to apply.