Research Assistant’s Submission Selected for AIST Video Contest

February 8, 2023

CIVS Graduate Research Assistant, Cristina Cabascango’s submission was chosen in The AIST Foundation Real Steel Video Contest. The 3-minute video is about how students, researchers, and steel makers are contributing to decarbonizing the steel industry, what technologies are being used, and some of the future technology that can help the industry to be more competitive and sustainable.

The AIST Foundation Real Steel Video Contest challenges students to research the steel industry and produce a three-minute original video that educates views on “Energy – Problem Solving with Steel”.

Find CIVS Graduate Research Assistant, Cristina Cabascango’s video here:

The Steel Industry of Today and Tomorrow

Public voting has started!

During the month of February, the public will play a part in determining the six finalists whose videos will be voted upon by a special Video Contest Committee formed by the UIRR. The six finalists are chosen based on the number of “likes” each individual video receives on YouTube. Once the six finalists are chosen, the Video Contest Committee will evaluate the videos based on the integration of key elements identified in the Video Contest Overview section above.


A total of up to five (5) prizes of $1,000, and one (1) prize of $3,000 for the overall best video, may be awarded. Prizes are issued in a single check or via PayPal and should be divided among project team members.