Dwyer Instruments Experience VR Technologies at CIVS

April 12, 2023

To enhance research partnerships, six managers and engineers from Dwyer Instruments visited PNW on April 4th. The visit was led by Matt Dougherty, Vice President of Engineering and organized by Natalie Conner, Executive Director of Employer Relations & Development Operations. Their comprehensive visit at CIVS included discussions about existing collaborated projects and potential collaborations.

CIVS Director and staff also showcased CIVS & SMSVC projects and technologies. The highlights included the CIVS’ journey in Smart Manufacturing since 1995 and the integration of state-of-art digital technologies with industrial applications. Visitors also had the opportunity to experience various VR simulators such as the Fire Extinguisher Training Simulator and Excavation Safety as well as a 360-degree virtual plant tour.

CIVS researchers have collaborated with Dwyer on several projects since 2018. One example features problem solving capabilities for a new Insertion Flow Transmitter by using computational fluid dynamics simulation. This led to identifying the underlying cause of the problem as well as possible solutions. The suggested solutions were implemented and reduced the calibration time by 50 percent as a result (see more at https://www.pnw.edu/purdue-university-northwests-civs-surpasses-expectations-for-local-manufacturer/)