Student Success Story: John Rosser

August 10, 2023

Former CIVS graduate research assistant John Rosser, joined Raytheon Technologies in Tucson, Arizona as a Systems Engineer II. John graduated with a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University Northwest. He conducted research at CIVS since the fall semester of his senior year. His many accomplishments include:

  • Second Place in the Undergraduate Student Awards at the 2021 Days of Discovery
  • First place in the 2022 AIST graduate student poster contest
  • Presenter at the AIST Scrap Supplements and Alternative Ironmaking Conference

As a research assistant at CIVS, John created two new models; one capturing jamming phenomenon in a DRI continuous feed system, and one simulating thermal stress in reheating furnaces. John was also a member of the IVBF project team that focused on the casting rate sensor. This project provided students with a deeper understanding of the blast furnace process and its operation.

“Working at CIVS provided me with an exceptional opportunity to prepare for my career as an engineer in a way that conventional college courses could not match. My time at CIVS challenged me to become a better engineer by placing me in situations where I had to work hard and develop new skills to succeed. Collaborating with engineers from both industry and academia on substantial industrial projects, and conducting research in support of the steel industry’s goal of decarbonization were highlights of my experience. Additionally, I had the honor of presenting my research project to fellow researchers and industry professionals in the field…”

As a result of my experience at CIVS, I was fully equipped to defend my thesis successfully and am now excited to begin a fantastic career opportunity this summer.

John Rosser