Student Success Story: Neel Busa

October 5, 2023

Congratulations to recent Purdue Northwest MSME graduate and CIVS research assistant Neel Busa for joining SMSVC member company ArcelorMittal as an Electric Arc Furnace Engineer.

At my new position I hope to contribute my EAF research experience which was crucial for my employment offer. I want to be a part of ArcelorMittal’s innovation in the steel industry and the Industry 4.0 revolution

Neel Busa

Neel’s long list of accomplishments include representing CIVS at various presentations:

  • “Flow Optimization of Steel Refining in an EAF” at MS&T22 Exhibition as part of the Iron and Steel technical program.
  • “Modeling of Electric Arc Furnace for Process Optimization” at the Steel Manufacturing Simulation and Visualization Consortium (SMSVC) Semi-Annual meeting in April, 2022.
  • “Flow Optimization for Steel Refining Process in an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)” at PNW Days of Discovery 2022
  • “A CFD Study of the Melting Process of HBI/DRI Scrap in an AC Electric Arc Furnace” at PNW Days of Discovery 2023

Neel was also awarded a Graduate Research Grant for his work on “Flow optimization for steel refining process in an Electric Arc Furnace.” He will put all his experience to work at ArcelorMittal where he will be directly working with the electric arc furnace. His ability to articulate his work and apply it to industry is a large part of what made him an outstanding candidate for this position.

Neel will also be representing ArcelorMittal on the SMSVC Electric Arc Furnace Project Technical Committee, as well as being invited to represent ArcelorMittal at the SMSVC Annual meeting in November, held at and hosted by CIVS.

Students had the opportunity to hear about Neel’s experience and ask questions during a farewell celebration by CIVS staff and students for Neel Busa and fellow graduate John Rosser.

As an international student, coming to PNW and not knowing anyone, CIVS was helpful in having support and being able to work with the same students that were in my classes. My experience at CIVS involved applying my skills and knowledge to solve real world industry problems and at the same time being able to effectively manage project workload.

Neel Busa