Strategic Plan

Explore the College of Technology’s vision, mission and values with our 2016-2021 strategic plan.


By 2021, the College of Technology will be the “College of Choice” for both students and industry.


College of Technology provides a quality undergraduate education to students of Northwest Indiana and beyond who are ready for the world of work or graduate education. The college offers graduate education in areas of strong student interest and industry needs. We are committed and dedicated to regional economic development and the Purdue system-wide land-grant mission.

Statement of Values

College of Technology faculty, staff, students and alumni will:

  • Advance excellent academic programs.
  • Embrace change and innovation.
  • Promote excellence in instruction.
  • Ensure a career-focused learning environment through application-oriented learning.
  • Support applied research by faculty.
  • Uphold dedication to the role of economic development driven by business and community partnerships.

Goal 1. Academic Excellence


  1. We will continue to assess academic programs, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, to measure distinction for each academic program to ensure quality and continuous improvement. We will ensure quality teaching and support for student learning.
  2. Academic excellence thrives in an environment of diverse students, faculty and staff. To ensure diversity of our students, including international students, recruitment and retention strategies we will focus on the needs and values of existing and potential students through a recruitment and retention plan. Faculty, staff, students, student organizations and alumni will play a role in recruiting new students.
  3. Through management of resources, COT, in partnership with industry and business, will fund appropriate and up-to-date laboratories and facilities.
  4. We pride ourselves on our high quality faculty and staff. We will continue to recruit, retain, develop and support employees who pursue excellence. We will foster faculty teaching, research, and service. Also, we will invest in faculty, staff, and student development and recognize them for their accomplishments.

Goal 2. Learning through Engagement and Applied Research


  1. We will assess and expand experiential learning opportunities to meet student and industry needs, including developing application-based learning experiences within our academic departments.
  2. We will foster a mentoring culture among students, faculty and staff to develop skills and knowledge to enhance personal and professional growth.
  3. We will increase opportunities for graduate students to expand their education through participation in applied research.

Goal 3. Community and Business Partnerships


  1. We will continue to increase COT profile through involvement in junior high/high school and community college programs.
  2. We will increase fundraising as a major college-level initiative. We will engage alumni, faculty and staff, and industry partners in raising funds for the College of Technology and building a culture of philanthropy.
  3. We will continue to help shape regional economic development through workforce development and the Manufacturing Center.


Goal 1-a

  1. Student learning outcomes: Assessment through exit survey of graduating students ; 75% satisfactory level
  2. Employer satisfaction with our graduates: Assessment through employer survey; 75% satisfactory level
  3. Alumni success: Assessment through alumni survey on current job satisfaction, overall career satisfaction , advanced education since graduation, extent of preparedness for employment; 75% satisfactory level
  4. Program analysis: number of graduates per program per year; 5-year graduation rates at or above University rates

Goal 1-b

  1. Enrollment : increase student recruitment rate by 2% each year;
  2. Retention: maintain student retention rate at or above University’s retention rate
  3. Diversity: maintain student diversity at or above University level student diversity
  4. International Students: increase number of international students by 2% each year

Goal 1-c

  1. Amount of gifts-in-kind support for laboratories and facilities
  2. Amount of Cash gifts for programs and support of students

Goal 1-d

  1. Number of internally funded awards for faculty and student research
  2. Number of sponsored research/project awards
  3. Number of publications by faculty and students
  4. Number of faculty members serving professional societies/organizations at the National/International level

Goal 2-a

  1. Number of students engaged in industry projects
  2. Number of industry projects
  3. Number of faculty/staff members engaged with industry

Goal 2-b

  1. Number of undergraduate internships
  2. Job placement rate of graduates from BS degree programs upon graduation
  3. Number of professional development activities by faculty, staff and students

Goal 2-c

  1. Number of MS directed projects
  2. Number of graduate internships
  3. Job placement rate of graduate from MS degree programs upon graduation

Goal 3-a

  1. Number of visit by faculty, staff and students to high schools/middle schools
  2. Number of attendees at outreach programs hosted by College of Technology
  3. Number of high school/middle school students visits to College of Technology

Goal 3-b

  1. Percent of faculty/staff participation in giving
  2. Number of industry partners’ participation in giving
  3. Number of alumni participation in giving

Goal 3-c

  1. Number of workforce development related trainings
  2. Number of participants in the workforce development related trainings