Student Complaint Policy

Information submitted through PNW’s Student Complaint Report is forwarded to staff in the Office of the Dean of Students, who will review and assist in finding a resolution. All complaints are reviewed and receive a response.

Submit a Complaint

Please consider meeting in person with Dean of Students staff prior to submitting a complaint through the complaint link. Dean of Students staff may need to meet or require your assistance to resolve the complaint.

This complaint is not anonymous, and information that you provide in your complaint may be shared with appropriate faculty or staff.

Before submitting complaints about instructors, contact the instructor about your concerns. If your concerns are not resolved, a written complaint to the head of the department is often the most appropriate next step. The Office of the Dean of Students can advise you and assist with these procedures, but does not have authority over academic policies or decisions.

Submitting information through this link does not constitute a complaint under a formal policy such as grade appeals or the Anti-Harassment policy. Dean of Students staff may recommend that you pursue formal complaints, but will not submit a formal complaint on your behalf unless required to do so by law.

Further information on formal complaint processes may be found here.

Grade Appeals Policy

Harassment and Discrimination

Academic Grievance Policy

Student complaints involving conduct of faculty or staff should be directed to the supervisor of the faculty or staff member. The Office of the Dean of Students encourages students to first attempt to resolve disagreements directly with the faculty or staff member, and will assist students in documenting complaints and identifying the appropriate supervisors to receive complaints. The Office of the Dean of Students does not represent students in complaints, but rather facilitates processes and assists students in advocating for themselves.

Report an Incident

Have something you need to share? Students, staff and community members can use these forms to report incidents to Purdue University Northwest personnel.

Report an Incident