End of Semester Fun!

May 5, 2023
PNW students pose while holding small dogs.

From play day to the pancake study break, relive the spring 2023 end-of-semester fun!

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Five students pose while holding small dogs.

Puppies were available throughout the PNW Pride stress relief event for students, faculty and staff to play and snuggle with!

A student holds a baseball bat. There is a dented car in front of them

Students were able to put a dent in their stress levels during the PNW Pride stress relief event!

Students gather during an outdoor concert

Students jammed out to alternative band Cxpital and headliner Beach Bunny during this year's Roaring Loud event.

A group of people stand together behind a display of Asian Art in America

PNW’s Cultural Heritage Celebration Committee hosted Tao Wang, Pritzker Chair of Arts of Asia, executive director of initiatives in Asia, and curator of Chinese art at the Art Institute of Chicago to share his presentation on Asian art in American museums. Wang also spoke on PNW’s archival items from China.

Students sit at a table covered with beads and glitter.

Students decompressed during the spring play day by creating glitter bottles, playing games, and karaoke!

Two students pose next to a cotton candy machine

The Westville spring play day featured fresh cotton candy along with games and other fun!

Seven students pose together in front of Eid decorations

Students, faculty and staff gathered on April 24 to celebrate Eid, a major celebration of the Islamic community. The highlights of the event are the food, the henna, and meticulously planned outfits that people plan.

Six students and Chancellor Keon pose under a balloon arch during the Chancellor's ball

The first annual Chancellor's Ball was held on April 25 to celebrate students, faculty, staff and student organizations making an impact at PNW.

Students sit at several round tables that were pushed together.

Students were encouraged to take a break from studying (or procrastinating) for the annual Pancake Study Break!

Two students stand together and hold a PNW branded "Thank You" sign

Students took a break from their end of semester activities to celebrate our record breaking Day of Giving !