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We are dedicated to ensuring our students are fully prepared for lifelong success.

Students are pictured in the classroom.A Degree That Works

You can do anything with an English and World Languages major. With training in writing, reading and critical thinking, our majors are creative and flexible—you’ll be well positioned to find opportunities in today’s economy and to adapt when you need to. Our graduates go on to a wide variety of careers that take advantage of their unique passions and abilities—transferable skills like:


English and World Languages majors are all about the story and the language. We analyze and write about great stories in literature and film. We develop our skills writing our own stories. In a world drowning in data, employers need people who can find the story in the data.


It’s been called the most important leadership skill: the ability to understand how other people think and feel. Our majors ace this: we love figuring out what’s up with Harry Potter or Hamlet and why it matters. Our fast-changing economy values people who can connect with and connect people.


English and World Languages majors get to study the most powerful and memorable cultural objects ever created. You will learn how to use that power to inspire other people.