FSD 16-29 P&T Campus Committee Change

April 25, 2016

Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Document 16-29

Submission Date: 4/25/2016 (Executive Committee)

Senate Action and Date:

  • For Discussion, 5/5/2017;
  • Moved to Action, 5/5/2017;
  • Approved, 5/5/2017

Promotion and Tenure Campus Committee Change

Whereas, the faculty of Purdue University Northwest are deeply concerned with the equity and integrity of the promotion and tenure process; and

Whereas, the Purdue University system-wide policy on “Academic Tenure and Promotion” clearly states that “The Tenure and promotion process is fundamentally a system of faculty review. The University is committed to the promotion of excellent faculty, using the highest standards of fairness and equity in the evaluation process. Candidates are subject to a multi- stage review by faculty and professional peers”; and

Whereas Article III.A of the Constitution of the Faculty of Purdue University Northwest states that “The Faculty shall have the general power and responsibility to adopt policies, regulations, and procedures needed to achieve the educational objectives of Purdue University Northwest and promote the general welfare of those involved in Purdue University Northwest’s educational processes,” therefore,

Be it Resolved, that Article IV.3 (Campus Committee) of the “Purdue University Northwest Promotion and Tenure Criteria, Guidelines and Procedures,” as adopted by the Faculty Senate on January 13, 2017, be amended to read: “The Campus (University) Committee on Promotions and Tenure shall include the PNW Provost, who will chair without vote, with the remaining membership consisting of two tenured Professors without administrative appointment of 0.5 time or more from each of the degree-granting colleges, as elected by the voting faculty of the respective colleges, for a two year term, with the terms arranged initially so that half of these members are elected each year, and one additional tenured Professor without administrative appointment, elected by the Faculty Senate for a two year term.”


  • Michelle Block
  • Carolyn Boiarsky
  • Rita Brusca-Vega
  • James Pula
  • Vanessa Quinn
  • Staci Trekles
  • Nuri Zeytinoglu


  • None


  • None