Faculty Grievance Procedures and Policies

This document outlines the faculty grievance procedures and policies at PNW.

Faculty Grievance Policy

The Purdue University Faculty Grievance Policy (I.B.1) states, “. . . it is essential that the University maintain a climate that values Faculty and fosters prompt and fair resolution of their concerns and Grievances.” Please click here to go to Purdue University’s “Operating Procedures for Resolving Faculty Grievances”

To Begin the Informal Grievance Resolution Process

(NOTE:  A detailed printable document found at this link)  To begin the Informal Grievance Resolution Process, the Initiator must file a written statement of concerns with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs within 30 Days from the date in which the Initiator first knew, or could reasonably be expected to know, of the alleged violation or within 30 Days from the most recent incident in a series of related incidents. The letter must include:

  1. A description of the alleged impropriety, including the date it occurred and/or the date the Initiator became aware of the occurrence;
  2. The University policy, procedure, standard, or established practice allegedly misinterpreted or violated if the concern is procedural in nature;
  3. The name(s) of the person(s), if known, responsible for the alleged impropriety; and
  4. The remedy sought.


A grievance is defined as “A complaint brought by an Initiator who claims to have been wronged by a University action or decision related to his or her employment.” This policy excludes subjects which have other specific policies: tenure and promotion, tenure clock extension, discrimination or harassment, and termination for cause. Also excluded are matters about establishing or changing policies and “substantive” decisions like tenure or promotion.

Members of the Faculty Mediation Committee

Serving continuously at pleasure of Provost and Senate Chair

Members of the Grievance Hearing Committee

Members are elected to three-year terms by voting faculty in each College.

College of Business

  • TBA
  • Subhash Jha, Assistant Professor of Marketing – Term Expires term expires August 2021
  • Ragen Hatcher, Clinical Instructor of Management- Term Expires August 2022

College of Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences

  • TBA

College of Engineering and Sciences

  • Robert Merkovsky, Associate Professor of Mathematics – Term Expires August 2020
  • Michael Pelter, Associate Professor of Chemistry – Term Expires August 2020
  • Feng-Song Wang, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences – Term Expires August 2021
  • Liberty Pelter, Associate Professor of Chemistry – Term Expires August 2022
  • Kay Rowberg, Associate Professor of Chemistry – Term Expires August 2022

College of Nursing

  • Mary Morrow, Associate Professor of Nursing -Term expires August 2023
  • Janet Davis, Associate Professor of Nursing -Term expires August 2024
  • Janet Garwood, Associate Professor of Nursing-Term expires August 2025

College of Technology

  • TBA