FSD 16-02 Intercollegiate Athletics Committee

October 13, 2016


Faculty Senate Document 16-02

Submission Date: 10/13/2016 (Executive Committee)

Senate Action and Date:

  • For Discussion, 11/11/2016;
  • For Action, 12/9/2016;
  • Tabled, 12/9/2016
  • Revised For Action, 01/13/2017;
  • Tabled, 01/13/2017
  • For Action, 01/20/2017;
  • Approved, 1/20/2017;

The Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate Executive Committee proposes to revise Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate Bylaws Article I: Composition; C. Committees and subcommittees of the Senate to create a Faculty Senate/Student/Administration committee to be called Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Committee (IACC), at Purdue University Northwest. This group will be made up of key stakeholders whom have vested interest in administration of varsity athletics and the student participants. Due to the “shared governance” composition, the IACC is not a standing committee of the senate, but it will have reporting responsibility to the senate.

This is based on Purdue University Northwest Constitution Article III: Powers and Responsibilities of the Faculty; B. Specific Powers; 9. “To establish policies for participation in inter-collegiate athletics.”

Intercollegiate Athletics Committee

  1. Purpose
    The IACC is established to ensure the faculty input on student intercollegiate athletics and the welfare of student athletes. It is a committee that reports to the Chancellor by the governing rules of the NCAA with input from selected faculty and senate representatives. Student representation and gender balance are also priorities in the selection, as well as key administrators. The Senate Chair-Elect will serve as direct liaison to the faculty senate.
  2. Membership
    1. Two (2) student athletes in good academic standing (one female athlete and one male athlete).
    2. Chair-elect of faculty senate, liaison to Executive Committee and the Senate
    3. Three (3) faculty senate representatives (consensus appointment: Chancellor, Provost, Senate)
    4. iv. Two (2) faculty (chancellor appointed)
    5. One (1) representative to the NCAA, faculty (chancellor appointed)
    6. Two (2) faculty administrators
    7. Two (2) staff personnel
    8. Academic Compliance Officer of Athletics, ex officio, without vote.
    9. The Senior Woman’s Administrator, ex officio, without vote.
    10. The Athletic Director, ex officio, without vote.

    Note: Chair of the IAAC, chosen from faculty or staff serving on committee (appointed by Chancellor)


    1. Recommend to the faculty senate policies governing student’s participation in intercollegiate athletics at Purdue University Northwest.
    2. Represent the academic standards of the university as embodied in the Purdue University Northwest Mission Statement in all decisions.
    3. Promote and safeguard opportunities for student athletes to excel in academics and protect and ensure the academic integrity of student athletes.
    4. Recommend to the faculty senate for approval, after study and review, all changes in rules or regulations affecting the conduct of inter-collegiate athletics.
    5. Provide guidance and faculty input on and monitor the budgeting process, and resources allocation, and expenditures of intercollegiate athletics.
    6. Advise the administration and the athletics director on any athletics department policy or program.
    7. Promote greater understanding, for the university community, of intercollegiate athletics and the relationship between academics and athletics.