FSD 16-04 First Year Experience Guidelines for PNW

November 11, 2016


Faculty Senate Document 16-04

Submission Date: 11/11/2016 (General Education)

Senate Action and Date:

  • For Discussion, 12/9/2016;
  • Moved to Action and Approved, 12/9/2016

The General Education Committee of the Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate proposes the following principles to guide the development of a signature First-Year Experience (FYE) across all programs at Purdue University Northwest.

  • All FYE courses (regardless of number of credits) should share core components reflecting the needs of PNW’s students, PNW’s strengths and priorities, and best practices.
    • The General Education Committee will work with the FYE/NSO Subcommittee and academic programs to develop these core components; a proposal from two summer FYE Faculty Development Workshops will be the basis for this (see below)
  • For students not placed in an academic program upon matriculation, a PNW FYE course should be offered that reflects the core components, and also aids students to select and enter an appropriate academic program.
    • A subsequent proposal will address where this course should be housed and how it should be managed to ensure high quality and maintain faculty control.
  • Development, teaching, and assessment of FYE courses at PNW should involve full-time faculty and be supported by Academic Affairs.
    • The two FYE Faculty Development Workshops (July 2015, 2016) offer the basis for future support of the program, where faculty across disciplines work together on teaching strategies for FYEs.

Draft Core Components

(from FYE Faculty Development Workshops)

  1. Academic Planning
    1. Campus Resources
    2. PNW Programs
    3. Opportunities for Student-Faculty Engagement
  2. Reflection
    1. Self-Knowledge
    2. Self-Advocacy
    3. Personal Responsibility
    4. Career Planning
    5. Critical Thinking
  3. Relationships
    1. Communication
    2. Inclusivity
    3. Teamwork/Groupwork

Approved, November 8, 2015

FYE/NSO Subcommittee

  • Lindsey Gielda
  • Catherine Gillotti
  • Paul Hecht, Chair
  • Richard Rupp

Approved November 11, 2016

General Education Committee

  • Arifin Angriawan
  • Michelle Block
  • Paul Hecht, Chair
  • Liberty Pelter
  • Richard Rupp, Vice Chair
  • Kim Scipes

Not present:

  • Jessica Thomas (Assessment Steering Liaison)