FSD 16-08 Revision of Faculty Senate Bylaws

November 15, 2016


Faculty Senate Document 16-08

Submission Date: 11/15/2016 (Educational Policy)

Senate Action and Date:

  • For Discussion, 12/9/2016;
  • Moved to Action and Approved, 12/9/2016

TO: Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate

FROM: Educational Policy Committee

SUBJECT: Revising Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate Bylaws I. B. 7. b. (I. Composition; B. Committees and Subcommittees of the Senate; 7. Educational Policy Committee; d. Honors College Subcommittee; ii. Membership) by populating the Honors College Subcommittee reporting to Educational Policy Committee


As stipulated in Bylaws Article I.B.2.a. (All subcommittees shall report to a standing committee of the Senate. Subcommittees must consist of at least three members with representation from both campuses. One member from the standing committee shall serve as Chair or Co-Chair.



  • A total of five (5) faculty members from five (5) academic colleges representing both campus locations. Selected faculty members should have experience in teaching Honors courses. A co-chair should be elected among the faculty members.
  • One (1) member of Educational Policy Committee who should serve as a co-chair.
  • Two (2) current students of Honors College who are in good academic standing (one female student and one male student).
  • Each campus should be represented with fifty percent of the voting membership on the committee
  • Deans of the Honors College, ex officio, without vote.


  • David Detmer
  • Janusz Duzinkiewicz
  • Judy Hack
  • Peggy Rose
  • Feng-Song Wang


  • None


  • Assen Kokalov
  • Nipul Patel