FSD 16-26 Gen Ed List Update for 2017-2018

April 13, 2017

Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Document 16-26

Submission Date: 4/13/2017 (General Education)

Senate Action and Date:

  • For Discussion, 4/14/2017;
  • Moved to Action, 5/5/2017;
  • Approved, 5/5/2017

General Education Course List Update for Academic Year 2017–2018 with Provisional Assessment Procedures

The General Education Committee submits for approval the following changes to the list of approved General Education courses for Academic Year 2017–2018.

Faculty Senate Document 16-05 adopted the LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes as the official General Education Learning Outcomes of PNW. However PNW remains in the first stages of contemplating how to integrate the ELOs into its academic programs, and into the PNW Core Curriculum. The additions to the lists are contingent upon receipt of additional assessment information that will be required once assessment procedures are approved by the Senate.

Additions to the Approved Lists of General Education Courses, effective Fall 2017

  • ECON 1XXXX Intro to the Study of Economics (FYE, 3 cr)
  • HST 10000 Orientation to Health Studies (FYE, 1 cr)
  • PSY 1XXXX Psychology First-Year Experience (FYE, 3 cr)
  • SWRK 26100 Introduction to Social Work (FYE, 3 cr)
  • EAS 22000 Survey of Physical Geography (Natural Sciences, 3 cr)
  • FIS 14000 Introduction to Forensic Science-Criminalistics (Natural Sciences, 3 cr)
  • FIS 14005 Introduction to Forensic Science-Evidence Handling (Natural Sciences, 3 cr)

Deletions from the Approved Lists of General Education Courses, effective Fall 2017

  • BCM 10001 Introduction to Construction (FYE)
  • CNIT 10100/19000 Orientation to Computer and Information Technology/CNIT Problem Solving
  • (FYE) ENGR 17100 Engineering Fundamentals I (FYE)
  • GBG/BUSM 12700 History of Business in the United States (FYE)
  • CHM 34200 (Technology)
  • SWRK 26100 Introduction to Social Work (Social Sciences)


General Education Committee

  • Arifin Angriawan
  • Michelle Block
  • Paul Hecht (Chair)
  • Liberty Pelter
  • Richard Rupp (Vice Chair)
  • Kim Scipes
  • Jessica Thomas (Assessment Steering Committee Liaison)