Faculty Senate Minutes – Friday, April 14, 2017

April 14, 2017

LSF 144, Westville Campus

Voting Members Present:

A. Angriawan, M. Block, C. Boiarsky, R. Brusca-Vega, C. Chandramouli, D. Detmer, D. Dunn, J. Duzinkiewicz, A. Elmendorf, M. Fathizadeh, J. Hack, P. Hecht, E. James, G. Jin, J. Kuhn, S. Nakayama, L. Pelter, J. Pula, V. Quinn, S. Rezak, C. Roper, P. Rose, R. Rupp, G. Schultz, S. Smithson, J. Spores, J. Thomas, S. Trekles, F. Wang, E. Weber, D. Whitten, D. Wilbur.

Voting Members Absent:

B. Chen, J. Garwood, A. Kokalov, Y. Lee, S. Sil, L. Tan, N. Zeytinoglu

Non-voting Members Present:

R. Biddings-Muro, T. Keon, S. Lerner, R. Mueller, C. Panlilio, T. Winders

Others present:

C. Arroyo, P. Bailey, C. Buchmeier, K. Chan, J. Colwell, L. Feldman, L. Goodnight, E, Hixon, Z. Jakubowski, V. Jankowski, M. Lynn, Y. Maynie, P. McGrath, P. Riesmeyer, D. Robinson, J. Shires, D. Simmons, M. Sida, R. Stankowski, S. Steele, A. Tomory, M. Watson, D. Williams, J. Williams,

  1. Determination of quorum

    A quorum was declared at 10:00 A.M.

  2. Call to Order

    The meeting was called to order by Chair D. Wilbur.

  3. Approval of the Agenda

    D. Wilbur would like to add Jeff Shires to the agenda as a guest speaker covering an update with Concurrent Enrollment after remarks from the Chancellor. Agenda approved unanimously by voice vote.

  4. Approval of the Minutes of the March 10, 2017 meeting

    A motion to approve the minutes was seconded. J. Duzinkiewicz could not find them on either the website or the R drive therefore opposed approving them. The minutes were approved by voice vote.

  5. Remarks by the Chair

    D. Wilbur said that an announcement requesting nominations for West Lafayette Senate representative will go out via email shortly, in anticipation of a vote to be held at May PNW Senate meeting.

    Wilbur also announced that R. Rupp was leading an effort to propose a change in status for PNW from a regional to a metropolitan university. Discussion followed of differences in the two statuses. Following the model of IPFW, the Executive Committee will explore drafting a resolution to begin the process of making the status change.

  6. Remarks by the Chancellor or Invited Guests (Jeff Shires)

    The Chancellor provided an update on the status of legislative funding for the proposed Bioscience Innovation Building for the Hammond campus. Funding for the building was in doubt, and the Chancellor urged senators to contact state senators to support the funding for the building.

    The Chancellor congratulated the Faculty Senate on its accomplishments this year, and announced that he was providing lunch following the meeting to celebrate those accomplishments.

    In the question period, E. Weber raised a number of concerns to the Chancellor about the recently announced closure of the Riley Center, noting that faculty and students in the Human Development and Family Studies Bachelor’s program rely on the Center as a laboratory. Weber asked why faculty in this program had not been consulted before the decision was made. The Chancellor explained the decision to close the center, noting that it had been operating with a deficit for a number of years, and that a variety of efforts to stabilize it financially had not succeeded, leading the Senior Leadership Team to decide to close the center.

    D. Wilbur then introduced Jeff Shires, Executive Director of Concurrent Enrollment and Dual Credit, who made a brief presentation on his progress in updating articulation agreements and memorandums of understanding with all the schools involved in PNW dual credit teaching. He then took questions from the senate. In response to questions he stated that a process for departmental review of instructors and course syllabuses was underway. Contracts with schools require one year notice to cancel, and discussions were continuing about what geographic area made sense for the program as a whole. Teaching in the future will be limited to junior or senior high school students. In response to a question from G. Shultz about why billing hours in the program had continued to grow during AY16-17, Shires responded that those numbers would shrink considerably in the fall. Provost Mueller added that enrollments for this year were based on decisions made more than a year ago. Based on the decisions that were made on the qualifications the program will shrink due to criteria being put in place to implement a high-quality program.

  7. Unfinished Business


  8. New Business
    1. Curriculum Document Approval

      D. Whitten motioned to approve all the documents. F. Wang seconded. Document passed unanimously by voice vote.

    2. Senate Documents For Action
      • FSD 16-17 Calendars for Academic Years 2017-2018 through 2020-2021 (Ed Policy)

        F. Wang motioned to postpone this document until the May meeting as there are still summer scheduling issues that need to be worked out with the Office of the Registrar. P. Rose seconded. Motion to table this document passed unanimously by voice vote.

      • FSD 16-18 Residency Credit Requirement for Bachelor’s Degree (Ed Policy)

        F. Wang motioned to approve this document. J. Hack seconded. J. Pula had a friendly amendment to the wording. Proposed document says “Students normally are expected to complete the senior year in residence; however, with the approval of the dean of the school.” It should say “with the approval of the dean of the college.” Amendment is accepted and the document is passed unanimously by voice vote.

      • FSD 16-19 Unconditional Undergraduate Admission Standards (Ed Policy)

        F. Wang motioned to approve this document. J. Hack seconded. T. Elmendorf asked how these admission standards are different from what is currently in place. F. Wang deferred to J. Hack and P. Rose. J. Hack replied that there is no difference. There were documents approved by the separate Senates, but no document from PNW. Document is passed unanimously by voice vote..

      • FSD 16-20 International Student General Admission Requirements (Ed Policy)

        F. Wang motioned to approve this document. Motion seconded. After some discussion, F. Wang motioned to table this document and it was seconded. Motion to table this document passed unanimously by voice vote.

      • FSD 16-22 Student Representative Constitutional Amendment (Student Affairs)

        T. Elmendorf motioned to approve this document. Motion was seconded. After discussion, D. Wilbur suggested a vote by clicker. T. Elmendorf requested a roll call vote. The voting results are:

        The tally was 18 yes, 13 no and 2 abstain. The motion passes.

    3. Senate Documents for Discussion
      • FSD 16-24 Student Learning Assessment Plan (Assessment Steering Committee)

        A. Angriawan introduced this draft document. Embedded in the program assessment are the university initiatives and general education goals. D. Whitten noted some inconsistency in terminology used in the document. Be consistent of what level of assessment. The use of program coordinator is not an official title and isn’t clear. S. Smithson suggested using department head or designee.

      • FSD 16-25 Experiential Learning as Graduation Requirement (Executive Committee)

        Discussion took up questions about procedure and the current status of experiential learning. S. Lerner proposed a change in the language of the document, from “. . . will require one (1) experiential learning course for all students” to “. . . will require one (1) experiential learning course for each student.” D. Wilbur conducted a straw poll of hands of who would like ExL at PNW. The majority raised their hands.

      • FSD 16-26 General Education Course List Update for 2017-2018 (General Education)

        P. Hecht introduced the document and discussion followed. D. Whitten had a minor edit and changed the ECON 10000 under additions to ECON 1XXXX as that number already exists in West Lafayette.

      • FSD 16-27 Veterans Credits (Ed Policy)

        F. Wang introduced the document, noting that PNC had passed this type of resolution and it was needed for PNW. Noting the ability of individual programs to decide what and how much credit they will accept, J. Hack called attention to the last paragraph that uses the language “when and where these recommendations are academically appropriate.”

      • FSD 16-28 Tuition Remission for Senior Citizens (Ed Policy)

        F. Wang introduced this policy as a recommendation of S. Lerner based on Indiana code IC-21-14-5, that senior citizens should have the opportunity to attend scheduled courses where space is available and be provided a waiver of tuition for those courses at a state educational institution.

  9. Documents and Reports for Information
    • None
  10. Remarks by the Representative(s) of the Student Government(s)M. Sida from Hammond thanks everyone for voting on the student vote document. They’ve spend the majority of the year redrafting the new SGA structure that will have one representative between the campuses. They hosted Topics and Treats covering a variety of subjects. They approved $5,000 for leadership opportunities.

    Z. Jakubowski from Westville says that their terms are coming to a close on April 21st. He introduced the incoming President and Vice President of SGA, De’Joie Simmons and Daquan Williams. The Westville campus had a few accomplishments such as the campus safety initiative. The construction for the crosswalk could start before the fall semester. There are two other campus safety initiatives are still in the works and trying to get final approval.

  11. Remarks by the University Senate/Intercampus Faculty Council Representative(s)

    V. Quinn reported that the Faculty Affairs Committee met and there was an operational decision made by Provost Dutta in that external letters for Promotion and Tenure in West Lafayette will be required to be solicited only from full professors at AAU institutions.

    F. Wang reported that the University Senate elected the next Vice-Chair, Professor Carroll. They passed the resolution in support of the student-led honor pledge and it is for only the West Lafayette campus. F. Wang also attended the March 22 IFC meeting. IFC elected the current chair of University Senate, Professor Sanders as the next faculty co-coordinator.

  12. Open DiscussionV. Quinn announced that Chancellor Keon and the PNW Faculty Club will host a Faculty Party on April 18th from 3:00-6:00 pm in the Dworkin Center and thanked Annette Tomory for all the help.

    S. Lerner thanked the group for all they accomplished this year and next year. The following year there will be a fundamental change that will take place in the constitution and bylaws. It may be necessary to begin the process of modification of the bylaws during the summer. T. Elmendorf states that this has already been discussed in the Executive Committee.

    D. Detmer questioned the Chancellor regarding the constitutionality of cancelling classes on Founders Day because one of the powers that is given to the faculty is to set the academic calendar. The Chancellor noted that the power to cancel classes was something afforded to him by university policy and that he would seek to provide this to Detmer.

    E. Weber noted that the Early Childhood programs at Hammond and Westville are not equivalent.

  13. Adjournment

    Meeting adjourned at 12:26 P.M