FSD 17-01 Drop Dates

May 17, 2017

Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Document 17-01

Submission Date: 7/5/2017 (Executive Committee)

Senate Action and Date:

  • For Discussion, 8/25/2017;
  • Approved, 9/8/2017;

Whereas: The Bylaws give the Executive Committee the authority to act on Senate business over the summer, (Bylaws C.4.c.ii), and

Whereas: The drop dates for Purdue Northwest courses during the 2016-17 Fall and Spring semesters were at the end of the twelfth week, and

Whereas: It is in the best interests of students to have as much feedback from their instructors as possible before having to decide whether to drop a course,

Therefore, be it resolved that the drop dates for all Purdue Northwest regular semester sixteen (16) week long courses shall continue to be at the end of the twelfth week, and at a proportional time (12/16) for all other non-sixteen week (16) long courses during the regular academic semesters and summer.

This policy is to go into effect immediately upon adoption.


  • A. Angriawan (Assessment Steering)
  • S. Smithson (Assessment Steering)
  • D. Whitten (Curriculum)
  • C. Viswanathan (Curriculum)
  • F. Wang (Educational Policy)
  • M. Block (Faculty Affairs)
  • J. Pula (Faculty Affairs)
  • P. Hecht (General Education)
  • R. Rupp (General Education)
  • A. Elmendorf (Student Affairs)
  • G. Schultz (Senate Vice Chair)
  • D. Wilbur (Senate Chair)


  • None