FSD 17-16 Bylaws Revision Staggered Terms

September 2, 2017

Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Document 17-16

Submission Date: 2/9/2018 (Executive)

Senate Action and Date:

  • For Discussion, 2/9/2018; (meeting canceled)
  • For Discussion, 3/9/2018;

Whereas, Section IV.C.2 of the Constitution has been amended to provide for equal numbers of Senate seats expiring each year, and

Whereas, The Bylaws as a result are no longer consistent with the Constitution, as amended, therefore,

Be it resolved, The Bylaws shall be amended as follows.  The current III.B.4.a.iv, which reads

The first election following adoption of a proportional body (refer to Article IV.A.1 of the Constitution), will stagger the Senate terms so that each academic unit elects senators for one-year, two-year, and three-year terms, depending upon the number of senators for that academic unit. If there is only one senator, the term is three years. If two senators elected, the terms are two and three years respectively.”

shall be replaced with

“Before the initial election of Senators following the two-year transitional period, the Nominating Committee shall divide both the Departmental and At-large seats as equally as possible into three classes: one class expiring after one year, one after two years, and the third after three years (Constitution IV.C.2.)  The division shall be such that no Department has more than one seat expiring each year, unless the Department has four elected members, in which case there shall be at least one seat from the Department in each class.  The Nominating Committee shall review the list of Senators annually and make recommendations to the Senate for adjustments to the classes in order to maintain equal numbers in each class.”


  • D. Detmer
  • A. Elmendorf
  • P. Hecht
  • D. Nalbone
  • J. Pula
  • G. Schultz (Chair)
  • K. Scipes
  • D. Whitten
  • D. Wilbur


  • None