Faculty Senate Minutes – Friday, November 10, 2017

November 10, 2017

Portage Meeting Facility

Voting Members Present:

K. Al Shamaileh, A. Alavizadeh, A. Angriawan, M. Block C. Boiarsky, R. Calix, C. Chandramouli, D. Detmer, K. Donah, J. Duzinkiewicz, A. Elmendorf, L. Garcia-Verdugo, J. Garwood, R. Hallock, P. Hecht, J. Kuhn, Y. Lee, S. Mo, S. Nakayama, D. Nalbone, L. Pelter, J. Pula, S. Rezak, C. Roper, G. Schultz, K. Scipes, S. Smithson, P. Stompor, J. Thomas, S. Trekles, F. Wang, D. Whitten, D. Wilbur, L. Yang, Y. Zhang

Voting Members Absent:

M. Block,R. Brusca-Vega, N. Desai, T. Dobrowski, M. Lantis, V. Quinn, A. Schooley, J. Spores

Non-voting Members Present:

T. Keon, S. Lerner, R. Mueller, C. Panlilio, S. Turner, M. Watson, D. Williams

Others present:

E. Carey, E. Hixon, L. Hopp, B. Law, N. Nemeth, K. Parli, R. Stankowski, S. Steele, J. Williams, Malcolm DeKryger

  1. Determination of quorumA quorum was declared at 10:00 A.M.
  2. Call to OrderThe meeting was called to order by Chair G. Schultz.
  3. Approval of the AgendaG. Schultz moved to approve the agenda, it was seconded. Agenda approved unanimously by voice vote.
  4. Approval of the Minutes of the October 13, 2017 meetingG. Schultz moved to approve the minutes and it was seconded. Minutes approved unanimously by voice vote.
  5. Remarks by the ChairG. Schultz remarked the athletics attendance policy may need further revisions made by SAC.

    There is a 41% return rate on academic progress reports from faculty for athletic events. F. Wang stated that the procedure to complete the progress reports takes considerable time given the number of athletes he has enrolled. G. Schultz will look into this issue.

    Regarding the “teaching on other campus” issue, the SLT has not yet heard any issues or complaints. If faculty have issues or concerns about being asked to teach on the other campus, please contact Jim Pula in Faculty Affairs.

    Westville has lost approximately 1/3 of students since unification. D. Whitten says we need to look at why we lost students.

    There are three (3) people on the University Campus PT Committee who will need to be replaced. We will elect faculty at the professor level to serve on the University Campus Committee.

    G. Schultz introduced Trustee Malcolm DeKryger.

  6. Remarks by the Chancellor or Invited Guests Trustee Malcom DeKryger, Provost MuellerMalcom DeKryger has been a trustee for 1 ½ years. Some of the highlights for PNW include:
    • The Board of Trustees are working on academic dishonesty. Part of the problem is culture. We need to be sensitive to this, but educate about these issues.
    • We now have an opportunity to get a Purdue Northwest license place,
    • The new Bio/Science building is on its way.

    He comes from a small town, Demotte, and thanked Purdue Northwest for the personal care and teaching of two young ladies from his home town.

    Regarding the Kaplan acquisition, people say they don’t do a good job, but they actually do. He is on the board of Kaplan (NewU). Because Kaplan is a for-profit entity, the details of the acquisition needed to be kept quiet during the acquisition. This is very safe endeavor for Purdue. After five (5) years we can leave if it doesn’t work. There is a guarantee of no loss of income. The average age of a PNW graduate is 24. The average of a Kaplan graduate is 27. There was a need for the Kaplan acquisition. This is not a dilution of what we do, but will only compliment it.

    Questions were then asked:

    J. Pula doesn’t doubt the opportunities this will provide, but how do we raise the academic status of Kaplan if faculty are not involved. Kaplan is looking forward to learning and utilizing what Purdue has to offer.

    L. Garcia-Verdugo asks how does this benefit Purdue. Not everyone will make it to one of our campuses and it’s reaching into other markets.

    F. Wang said he is looking forward to the new Bio/Science building which is in the planning stages. West Lafayette is contributing $1 million for our building.

    Y. Lee questioned the transfer credit issues. Chancellor Keon states they are already looking at Gen Ed transfer credit.

    Provost Mueller spoke about the budget shortfall of $3 million with the Academic Affairs share being 60% or $1.7 million. He has worked with VC Turner, the Chancellor and the Deans to respond on how to cover the shortfall.

    This is being spread over six (6) colleges and the central Academic Affairs office and is proportional. If CHESS is 16% of the budget, their share would be 16%, etc. The deans gave preliminary answers on how to cover the costs.

    D. Nalbone says there is a discrepancy of the Academic Affairs percentage. The reported numbers included student aid.

    T. Elmendorf asked if there is some other unit that is accounting for student aid and will that be cut. The answer was No.

  7. Unfinished Business
    • None
  8. New Business
    • None.
    1. Curriculum Document Approval
      • COB 17-01
      • COT 17-01
      • COT 17-03
      • COT 17-05
      • COT 17-06
      • COT 17-07
      • COT 17-08
      • COT 17-09
      • COT 17-10
      • COT 17-11
      • COT 17-12
      • COT 17-13
      • COT 17-14
      • COT 17-15
      • COT 17-16

      D. Whitten reported there were minimal alignment issues, but senators were having difficulties viewing the documents on the R drive. Faculty still wanted to vote. D. Whitten moved to have the curriculum documents approved and it was seconded. The curriculum documents were approved by unanimous voice vote.

    2. Senate Documents For Action
      • FSD 17–03 – Dept. Reimbursement for Faculty Release to Administration (Executive Committee)D. Nalbone states that faculty are asked to take on administrative duties outside of their unit. We are asking for full reimbursement as the usual compensation is at the LTL level. Motion to approve this document and it is seconded.J. Duzinkiewicz states that according the last month’s minutes, D. Wilbur wanted to table this document.

        G. Schultz says the deans have to look at their budget to see how to reimburse.

        T. Elmendorf stated that quality instructors are hard to find for short periods of time.

        P. Hecht said the resolution is not binding. The resolution is being made with no evidence. G. Schultz claimed that the deans have this information and resolution s like this are advice to the administration.

        D. Detmer says the resolution is unclear with the time period and it needs a friendly amendment. J. Pula would like to add “Senate recommends”.

        C. Roper says that in 2010 there was a study done and 13.3 FTE faculty were devoted to administration. She would like to see a similar study.

        G. Schultz motioned to request to table this document and it was seconded.

        D. Wilbur says there is not enough information, it’s complicated and all scenarios need to be clarified.

        D. Nalbone has asked VC Turner for this information, but he has received no answers.

        Chancellor Keon says they are working on something that is put together at the Senior Leader level, not the College/Department level.

        Tabling this document was approved by unanimous voice vote.

      • FSD 17-06 – Staggered Terms for Elected Senators (Executive Committee)T. Elmendorf says this document corrects a flaw in the constitution. If passed, then it needs to go to the faculty for vote. T. Elmendorf motioned to approve the document and it was seconded.G. Schultz called to question and the document is approved by unanimous voice vote.
      • FSD 17-08 Founders Day (Ed Policy).F. Wang presented the document with a slight revision to add 2018-2019, 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 to the future five-year calendar. Motion to approve the revisions was seconded.Several word-smithing suggestions were made. Motion to approve the document with the suggestions was approved by majority vote with 1 opposed.
      • FSD 17-09 General Education and Experiential Designation Procedures and Application Form (Gen Ed/Assessment)P. Hecht would like to have a series of forums about assessment and university learning outcomes. He would like to delete the paragraph “GE Assessment/University Learning Outcomes” from the document. Motioned to accept the amendment and it was seconded.P. Hecht motioned to approve the document, it was seconded and the document was approved unanimously by voice vote.
      • FSD 17-10 Ad Hoc EL Committee (Gen Ed/Assessment).P. Hecht motioned to approve this document and it was seconded.J. Duzinkiewicz questioned the membership as to who are Faculty Directors.

        M. Garcia-Verdugo is worried about the future composition of the membership as they may all not be faculty.

        J. Pula wondered how the membership is to be chose; would this be the Nominations Committee?

        M. Garcia-Verdugo says to delete the word Directors as this will provide for much more flexibility.

        VC Provost provided the new titles of the Professional Staff.

        D. Nalbone wondered how to populate with the Professional Staff; M. Garcia-Verdugo will assist.

        G. Schultz called to question. Document is approved unanimously by voice vote.

    3. Senate Documents for Discussion
      • FSD 17-12 – Promotion and Tenure Document – (Faculty Affairs)J. Pula described the document by having it color coded. Black is system wide, Green clarifies which Provost and campus, Blue has already been accepted with changes from summer and Red are questions to be asked of West Lafayette. Please provide feedback to Jim Pula.G. Schultz asked for discussion on composition of Campus Committee. What we propose is for Deans not to be on the Campus Committee. R. Roper says that FAC has done a lot of work to make this better. She has pooled full professors about this issue and the majority of 80% chose no deans.

        L. Pelter commented that Deans have constructive input on the candidates.

        C. Boiarksy is concerned about the influence of Deans on the committee that is usually done before the committee.

        S. Lerner says to put together a forum for discussion and dialogue.

        P. Hecht stated that Assistant and Associate Professors need to be polled too.

        K. Scipes wonders what the deans bring to this if it’s not from the candidates area and doesn’t think they should be on the committee.

        J. Pula says that deans have a chance to write an evaluation of the candidate. Input is fine, but not as a voting member.

        J. Pula will send out this document for feedback.

  9. Documents and Reports for Information
    • None
  10. Remarks by the Representative(s) of the Student Government(s)Mr. Williams said that everything is going well and SGA still needs to fill two positions for Engineering and Nursing at Hammond.
  11. Remarks by the University Senate/Intercampus Faculty Council Representative(s)J. Pula reported that WL is trying to get the Big 10 universities to join together for discounted rates for academic publishing. Also, nothing more had been done with West Lafayette’s use of Academic Analytics, a system to evaluate faculty performance using numerical data.
  12. Open DiscussionK. Scipes questioned the Westville campus being held to the same class enrollment standards as the Hammond campus. Class minimums should be flexible for Westville as we’re down in enrollment.D. Whitten explained a brief introduction to Curriculog, the online curriculum software system.
  13. AdjournmentG. Schultz motioned to adjourn and it was seconded. Meeting adjourned at time 12:07 P.M.