Faculty Senate Minutes – Friday, January 12, 2018

January 12, 2018

Portage Meeting Facility

Voting Members Present:

K. Al Shamaileh, A. Alavizadeh , A. Angriawan, M. Block, R. Brusca-Vega, D. Detmer, J. Duzinkiewicz, A. Elmendorf, P. Hecht, K. Kincaid, J. Kuhn, Y. Lee, S. Mo, C. Morrow, D. Nalbone, L. Pelter, J. Pula, S. Rezak, C. Roper, G. Schultz, A. Schooley, K. Scipes, S. Smithson, P. Stompor, J. Thomas, S. Trekles, F. Wang, D. Whitten, D. Wilbur, L. Yang, Y. Zhang

Voting Members Absent:

R. Calix, C. Chandramouli, M. Connolly, N. Desai, T. Dobrowski, K. Donah, L. Garcia-Verdugo, R. Hallock, S. Nakayama, V. Quinn, J. Spores

Non-voting Members Present:

R. Biddings-Muro, S. Lerner, R. Mueller, C. Panlilio, S. Turner, M. Watson, D. Williams

Others present:

C. Arroyo, M. Biel, J. Colwell, L. Feldman, L. Goodnight, L. Hopp, N. Nemeth, K. Parli, P. Riesmeyer, R. Rupp, R. Stankowski, J. Williams

  1. Determination of quorumA quorum was declared at 10:00 A.M.
  2. Call to OrderThe meeting was called to order by Chair G. Schultz.
  3. Approval of the AgendaG. Schultz moved to approve the agenda and it was seconded. P. Hecht requested to remove FSD 17-13 University Learning Outcomes. T. Elmendorf moved to approve the change, D. Wilbur seconded. The agenda was approved unanimously by voice vote.
  4. Approval of the Minutes of the December 8, 2017 meetingG. Schultz moved to approve the minutes and D. Wilbur seconded. J. Duzinkiewicz had a friendly amendment to the minutes. Under item K, Remarks by the University Senate/Intercampus Faculty Council Representative, the addition of J. Pula being on the committee regarding the Kaplan enterprise. Minutes approved unanimously by voice vote.
  5. Remarks by the ChairG. Schultz and D. Wilbur met with the Chancellor and Provost regarding the proposed revision to the P&T document. The Deans are no longer on the campus committee. The Provost is no longer serving on the committee. This is now a faculty driven process. The election process will be different. The document will go to legal in West Lafayette. K. Scipes would like to see the document. D. Nalbone said it’s a good policy to see the document and have Senate vote on it again. G. Schultz doesn’t want to get into a cycle of not having an approved document.Teaching portfolios are not due until. There is not a lot of faculty who have knowledge or input about the process. C. Roper asked if the TIP/Annual Review/P&T will be consolidated. G. Schultz said the TIP is not part of the annual review as this is teaching award. R. Brusca-Vega said that faculty want more input into this process. T. Elmendorf states there is a stipulation in the P&T document that supplemental documents are included when a candidate submits their documents.

    The 2017-2018 salary data is on the Faculty Senate website. The Journal Courier in WL includes everything you’ve earned.

  6. Remarks by the ChancellorProvost Mueller was the designee for the chancellor. In regards to the voting on campus committee last year, he would like to correct the record. The Deans are not voting on their candidate and it was not a unilateral decision. The Deans voting this year on their candidate is following the current policy. He thanked the committee for all their hard work and wordsmithing. There are editorial changes from legal that are not substantive except for the membership on the campus committee. To be clear, only faculty members are on the committee at each level of review. He will invite legal to talk with and make sure the chairs of the committees know the legal implications of the new structure. He wants to wait until legal reviews the document before it is shared with all faculty. J. Duzinkiewicz asks if the role of deans increase or decrease. Provost Mueller says it is neither. There used to be a mandatory meeting between the candidate and department chair to let the candidate know the outcome of the primary committee. Now, deans must meet with the candidate about his/her report and the candidate will meet with the committee chair and then the chair will report the findings. D. Nalbone suggests there will be more rebuttals with their meetings. Provost Mueller says that they have ten (10) days to address the rebuttal. He also states that the initial memo will clarify the responsibilities of agreeing to be on the committee. K. Scipes asks if this will ensure that someone from the candidate’s discipline will be on the committee. The primary committee is the whole department. J. Pula stated that you can’t write P&T for every nuance.
  7. Unfinished Business
    • None
  8. New Business
    • None.
    1. Curriculum Document Approval
      • CES 17-01, 02
      • CHESS 17-01, 03, 06-09, 11-23, 25, 28
      • COB 17-02
      • COT 17-21

      D. Whitten moved to have the curriculum documents approved, T. Elmendorf seconded. The curriculum documents were approved by unanimous voice vote.

    2. Senate Documents For Action
      • None
    3. Senate Documents for Discussion
      • FSD 17-14 Administrative Approval of Curriculum Documents (Curriculum).D. Whitten states that we have procedures for any curriculum changes. The form from the Provost’s office (PDF) changes the Faculty Senate curriculum procedures. The current curriculum form has a place for impact on resources and an impact statement. We are looking for suggestions; do we need more communication? Maybe a survey or discussion. Provost Mueller states that there is no Academic Affairs ex-officio representative on the Curriculum Committee. He states that the form from his office is not intended to touch any Faculty Senate curriculum responsibility. This form came in existence from seeing great ideas from faculty, but did not taken into account any resources. The Provost will not sign off until the department head and dean have a discussion with the Provost and have support for the program. Under Preliminary Review, he can remove Faculty Senate if we choose. D. Whitten agreed that an Academic Affairs rep on Curriculum Committee is good and we need strengthened communications. All the documents are on the R: drive and anyone can review them. D. Whitten will meet with the Provost to discuss further.
      • FSD 17-15 Teaching Portfolios/TIP (Faculty Affairs).J. Pula says at a December meeting there was a resolution to implement teaching portfolios. This was announced with no faculty input. C. Roper stated that at PNC, the process belonged to the faculty and the implementation belonged to the administration. J. Pula would like to have a taskforce from each of the colleges in hopes of making it a better document. J. Thomas remarked that in this resolution under Resolved, change “adequate time” to “spring”. F. Wang states that the timeline may not allow all faculty to have teaching portfolios to be evaluated. Provost Mueller says that those who want to be eligible need to get their portfolios completed more quickly. He met with the Deans and Chairs in October and the concept of teaching portfolios was introduced. The process of what it would look like and rubrics were left up to the colleges and department chairs. The rubric and content were supposed to be faculty driven. R. Rupp explained that he and L. Feldman researched teaching portfolios. The deans were charged to work with whatever design. F. Wang states that PUC had discussions regarding the TIP program, but no discussions happened at PNC. R. Brusca-Vega says she was told the the TIP and Teaching Portfolios was happening. M. Block states that information was brought to Nursing and both campuses were involved. J. Pula says there was no faculty involvement with CHESS. Going forward there needs to be faculty involvement. J. Duzinkiewicz would like the deans to report to the Provost and Senate about the input received from faculty. R. Rupp says the Chancellor is amendable to work with Senate in 2018, but wanted to expeditiously move this forward. R. Brusca-Vega would like the TIP award structured like the teaching portfolio. D. Nalbone thinks if this was such a good idea, it should have been brought to the faculty. J. Thomas would like to know if this would dilute the pool of merit raises. Provost Mueller answered no. J. Duzinkiewicz wonders how can we afford this with our deficit? Provost Mueller says if anything, more information through a portfolios will understand the complexities of teaching excellence. R. Rupp comments that it was a positive experience, but disappointed in some of the negative survey responses. J. Pula welcomes more information on teaching. The goal should be to get this done well and request feedback from faculty and departments. G. Schultz says that not every department got all the information needed. C. Roper says the top of leadership should go to the top of Senate leadership and convene a plan.
  9. Announcement: SubcommitteesD. Nalbone says that several subcommittees have been staffed. There is a need for more Honors college reps and an AdHoc committee on Experiential Learning. P. Hecht needs clarification and will talk more later. D. Nalbone is receiving nominations for the awards. Need to hear from G. Schultz and Senior Leadership about how many for faculty evaluation of administrators. T. Elmendorf says that at PUC the staffing of subcommittees is the responsibility of Senate. Will need a resolution to confirm. R. Brusca-Vega questions the Faculty Grievance committee. Is the Faculty Senate chair and Provost on this committee? C. Arroyo mentions the Transfer Credit subcommittee. J. Thomas will talk with her later. VC Panlilio is concerned with the timing of these changes.
  10. Remarks by the Representative(s) of the Student Government(s)Mr. Williams worked on elections over the break. He will be pitching the process to SGA. The students need to be made aware of donations such as Taltree Arboretum. Qualified students are being encourage to run for open SGA positions. They need to have a 2.5 GPA and gather 25 signatures from the students.
  11. Remarks by the University Senate/Intercampus Faculty Council Representative(s)J. Pula says that both Senate and IFC will meet next week. The name Purdue University Global (PUG) has been announced for Kaplan.
  12. Open DiscussionK. Scipes would like to bring to everyone’s attention that a number of students are being overwhelmed by technology.C. Roper thanks the Provost and Chancellor for working with P&T. Also thanks R. Rupp for listening.F. Wang would like to bring up teaching between the two locations. Why aren’t we webcasting courses? VC Tim Winders needs to be involved.

    D. Nalbone heard that the Board of Trustees offered raises to PNW and the Provost and Chancellor refused. Is there any truth to this? Provost Mueller states this did not happen.

    M. Watson brought up the unexcused absence policy. If you know you will be missing a Senate Meeting, please send Maria Watson an email. If you have more than two (2) unexcused absences from Senate, your department head is required to replace you.

    P. Hecht mentions to the standing committees to send your meeting minutes to M. Watson for posting.

    D. Wilbur has heard that administrators are using curriculum documents for expediency.

    J. Duzinkiewicz mentioned the 23 inches of snow LaPorte received last week with no snow emergency. Provost Mueller says there is a detailed process and policy in place. L. Goodnight stated Brian Miller was in constant contact with the county police and PNW police.

  13. AdjournmentG. Schultz motioned to adjourn and P. Hecht seconded. Meeting adjourned at time 12:00 P.M.