FSD 17-27 Student Progress Reports

March 23, 2018

Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Document 17-27

Submission Date: 03/23/2018 (Educational Policy Committee)

Senate Action and Date:

For Discussion, 04/13/2018.
Approved, May 4, 2018

Whereas: The Constitution of The Faculty of Purdue University Northwest states in III. Powers and Responsibilities of the Faculty, A. General Powers. The Faculty shall have the general power and responsibility to adopt policies, regulations, and procedures needed to achieve the educational objectives of Purdue University Northwest and promote the general welfare of those involved in Purdue University Northwest’s educational processes., and

Whereas: The PNW Faculty Senate Bylaws (section C. Committees of the Senate, 8. Educational Policy Committee, a. The Educational Policy Committee is established to ensure the timely and thoughtful consideration of all matters pertaining to the central educational mission, quality standards in admissions and advising, and academic administrative policies and procedures of PNW, and

Whereas: A focus on retention, persistence, and graduation will increase PNW student academic success. Student progress reports provide students with a clear, accurate understanding of their grade, and status in each class. A progress report will also enable faculty and staff responsible for supporting groups of students to monitor student progress, support individual student success, and intervene with students who are at risk of failing classes, and

Whereas: Currently, six offices of PNW request or are planning to request student progress reports for the students with which they work with including 21st Century Scholars (paper forms brought to faculty by students), Athletics (electronic form through Qualtrics or paper forms sent directly to faculty), Exploratory Advising (electronic form through Student Success Collaborative sent directly to faculty), McNair Scholars Program and Brother To Brother (paper forms brought to faculty by students), and TRIO Student Support Services (paper forms brought to faculty by students), and Veteran Services (process not yet designed or implemented), and

Whereas: Tara Sullivan, PhD, Executive Director of Academic Success and Transition, Academic Center for Excellence, Purdue University Northwest has been working with offices requesting student progress reports and recommended to the Educational Policy Committee that PNW adapts a single student reporting system – Student Success Collaborative (Student Success Management System) on behalf of those offices, and

Whereas: Through Student Success Collaborative Campus Progress Reports, staff can identify students in the groups receiving additional support and through a coordinated system and be able to send faculty a link through which they can provide additional information. The system ensures that each faculty member is only contacted once about each student and all staff who support those students have access to the same information, and

Whereas: PNW Senate Educational Policy Committee requests the Senate to consider that PNW adapts the Student Success Collaborative Campus Progress Report system, and

Therefore, be it resolved that Purdue University Northwest shall use the Student Success Collaborative Campus Progress Report system to meet the need of student reporting mandates and improve student academic success starting Fall 2018


  • M. Connolly
  • D. Detmer
  • J. Duzinkiewicz
  • K. Scipes
  • F. Wang