FSD 18-01 Academic Task Force Resolution

September 6, 2018

Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Document 18-01

Submission Date: September 6, 2018 (Executive Committee)

Senate Action and Date: For Discussion, September 14, 2018

Whereas: The Constitution of the Faculty of Purdue University Northwest, which has been formally ratified by the Board of Trustees, establishes the Purdue University Northwest Senate as “the governing body of the Faculty” (Section II), and

Whereas: The Constitution assigns to the Faculty responsibility for, and authority over, curricular matters (Section III. B. 2-4), and

Whereas: The Constitution grants to the Faculty the power, more specifically, “To review, approve, and recommend to the Trustees the establishment of new degrees and degree programs to be introduced at Purdue University Northwest, and the discontinuance of existing degrees and degree programs when they no longer contribute to the fulfillment of the mission of the university (Section III. B. 3, emphasis added), and

Whereas: One of the primary functions of the Academic Task Force that is to be constituted as part of the Strategic Resource Allocation Initiative is precisely to analyze and evaluate degree programs in terms of their contribution to the fulfillment of the mission of the university,

Be it resolved: The Purdue Northwest Faculty Senate shall be granted authority, equal to that of the Purdue University Northwest administration, to determine the composition of the Academic Task Force. For the purpose of participating in the selection of members of the Academic Task Force, the Senate shall be represented by its Executive Committee, except for those members of the Executive Committee who have been nominated for, and wish to be considered for service on, the Academic Task Force. The Executive Committee (with the exception of those members who recuse themselves from this exercise for the reason just mentioned) shall meet with the VCAA/Provost, and/or anyone else the Purdue University Northwest administration designates for this purpose, jointly to select the members who will serve on the Academic Task Force. This can be accomplished either by reaching consensus, with all members being agreed to by both the administration and the representatives of the Senate, or by a system in which one-half of the Task Force is selected by the administration and the other half chosen by the representatives of the Senate.



  1. Brandon
  2. Brusca-Vega
  3. Detmer
  4. Elmendorf
  5. Pelter
  6. Quinn
  7. Sindone
  8. Scipes