Faculty Senate Minutes, October 12, 2018

October 12, 2018

Location & Time

10:00 A.M., Portage Meeting Facility Room 113

Voting members present:

Detmer, T. Elmendorf, J. Davis, J. Tazbir, J. Dorman, J. Polman, M. Mascha, M. Curia, R. Cherry, K. Scipes, G. Stefanek. R. Ocon, A. Sindone, L. Pelter, V. Quinn, R. Calix, C. Gillotti, Y. Zhang, S. Smith, F. Colucci, D. Gray, W. He, X. Wang, D. Kozel, CC Chen, R. Brusca-Vega, J. Pula, A. Mitra, R. Kramer, M. Connolly, C. Morrow, C. Fewer, L. Brandon, S. Rezak, H. Zhao, M. Zimmer,

 Senators absent:

A. Alavizadeh, G. Schultz, S. Trekles, C. DeLeon, G. Domke, R. Merkovsky, P. Stompor, C. Ye, W. Yu, D. Wilbur, M. Curia

Non-Voting members present:

S. Lerner, R. Mueller, A. Bright (SGA), J. Colwell

Others in attendance:

N. Nemeth, H. Saporiti, M. Block, R. H. Stankowski, M. McKern, C. Arroyo, D. Clark, L. Feldman, J. Williams.

  1. Determination of Quorum:
    1. A quorum was declared at 10:02 am.
  2. Call to Order
  3. Approval of the Agenda
    1. Smith moved for approval, Prof. Cherry seconded. The motion carried.
  4. Approval of Minutes of the September 14, 2018 meeting
    1. Mitra noted that he was present.
    2. Elmendorf moved for approval, Prof. Dorman seconded. The motion carried.
  5. Remarks by the Senate Chair (D. Detmer)
    1. The Faculty Mediation Committee has now been populated. Its members are Harvey Abramowitz, Rita Brusca-Vega, Vivian Ott, Adam Rengstorf, and Dan Wilbur.
    2. Regarding SRA committees: Prof. Detmer reported on previous proposal regarding senate input on SRA committees. The Chair and Vice-Chair did not see the complete list of nominees but did see the final list of committee members, including 5 senators, and had no objection to the membership.
    3. Regarding the proposed changes to diploma: Prof. Detmer suggested we develop trust through consultation, collaboration, and consensus. There was no consultation in the diploma decision. Prof. Detmer congratulated students on their efforts to lobby for change to decision, with over 18,000 signatures on the petition.
  1. Remarks by the Chancellor (R. Mueller for T. Keon)
    1. Regarding the SRA, Provost Mueller stated that administration did not agree to partnership on member selection. They offered the Senate Executive Committee the opportunity to see the complete list of nominees but this was refused by the Senate Chair and Vice-Chair. A compromise was then agreed upon to invite the Chair and Vice-Chair to provide input on the proposed final list of task force members.
    2. Regarding the diploma change, Provost Mueller stated that the Chancellor publicized the decision as early as he could and prior to the trustees’ vote. Provost Mueller stated that since autonomy in 1974 and 2001, regional campus students have not received Purdue degrees but rather regional campus degrees. Provost Mueller stated that we have started a conversation about who we are as an institution and how we distinguish ourselves.
  1. Remarks by Invited Guests
    1. Michelle Block reported that a system-wide faculty summit took place in September on system-wide faculty development. A survey will be distributed to all faculty requesting information on resources desired. All faculty should participate in this survey.
  1. Unfinished Business
    1. None to report.
  1. Special Business: Proposed change to diploma
    1. Open discussion: SGA Representative Autumn Bright indicated that it has been exciting to see students step up, and that she has never seen so many students being active. She also indicated that the administration’s response was in no way dismissive. Provost Mueller noted the vote of the Board of Trustees that it appears the old diploma will remain the same with the addition of the Chancellor’s signature on the diploma. Others expressed concerns about the differentiation between diplomas on different campuses, and the perceptions of students and their families, as well as the community. Despite autonomy being granted to the regional campuses in previous years, they remain Purdue campuses, and it was expressed by several faculty that despite being a different location, the Purdue degree is still a Purdue degree. Distinctions were also discussed between the transcript – which has always been from Purdue – versus the diploma, the outward expression of a student’s accomplishment to the world. Due to the Board of Trustees meeting, Chancellor Keon was not available to comment.
  2. New Business
    1. Curriculum Documents Approval
      1. CHESS 17-51
      2. CHESS 17-52
      3. Brandon moved to approve. Prof. Connelly seconded. Prof. Pula stated that removing prerequisites sets students up for failure; e.g. they shouldn’t take 400 level courses in freshman year. Prof. Elmendorf suggested that when documents are opposed on the floor it’s a sign they should be sent back for reconsideration. Prof. Elmendorf made motion to table the document. Motion approved unanimously.
    2. Senate Documents for action
      1. FSD 17-30 Senate Budget Priorities (Revised)
      2. Elmendorf stated the document is a revision of a previous draft. It pertains to transparency about how the senate handles its budget & it includes the secretary on the compensation list. Provost Mueller stated that funds awarded to a faculty member will not be convertible into salary for an overload. Prof. Kozel stated that sometimes it makes sense to compensate faculty who take time away from families. Prof. Cherry wondered if the compensation is enough for the chair. Prof. Elmendorf made a motion to approve; Prof. Kozel seconded. Motion passed by unanimous vote.
    3. Senate Documents for discussion:
      1. FSD 18-03 Revision of the Constitution, Faculty Definition
      2. Detmer stated that the purpose of this constitutional revision is to clarify that for the purposes of the constitution, the definition of “faculty” includes continuing lecturers notwithstanding their Purdue HR classification. Prof. Elmendorf clarified that they are not voting faculty, which is defined elsewhere. Prof. Elmendorf stated that this change reflects the idea that “faculty” are those who teach. Prof. Pula stated that the W. Lafayette faculty affairs committee has a pending motion similar to this. Provost Mueller pointed out that there is confusion among CLs because some think they are faculty for ID purposes. Prof. Pula added that W. Lafayette is concerned because different classifications have different grievance procedures, benefits, etc.
    4. FSD 18-04 Revision of Bylaws, Vacancy of Officers
      1. Prof. Elmendorf stated that this document fills a gap in bylaws for vacancy of officers of senate.
    5. FSD 18-05: Constituting Ad-hoc Committee of Senate SRA Committee Members
      1. Discussion took place. Profs. Tazbir, Pelter, Quinn, and Mascha, as members of the Task Force, indicated that they signed non-disclosure agreements and that outcomes of events will be on the website. Therefore, the need for a separate committee seemed redundant. It was indicated that there would be nothing else coming from task force deliberations that would not be indicated on the website. Given this, Prof. Morrow indicated concern that the process did not appear to be transparent. When asked, Provost Mueller indicated that the completed templates from the SRA process will be available on the website for review.
  3. Remarks by Student Government Representative (Autumn Bright for Riley Owens, SGA President)
    1. Ms. Bright stated that the SGA has been focused on the change in diploma. She stated that many students are upset; however, they appreciate that faculty are listening. Ms. Bright read a text statement from Mr. Owens: the board just voted not to change the diploma. This is a huge victory for the campus community. We need your help. Encourage students to get involved.
  4. Remarks by the University Senate/Intercampus Faculty Council Representatives (J. Pula/V. Quinn)
    1. Neither has met.
  5. Open Discussion (if time permits)
    1. Scipes: There was a US senate debate at Westville. There was a ticket process but I could not get ticket. Nothing on campus should be exclusionary. R. Mueller: this was not a PNW event. It was sponsored by the IEC; we just gave them a room.
  6. Adjournment: Adjourned at 11:53

Committee Room Assignments

  • Assessment – Foyer Room
  • Curriculum – PMF 106
  • Education Policy – PMF 113
  • Faculty Affairs – PMF 113
  • General Education – PMF 113
  • Student Affairs – PMF 104