FSD 18-08 Curriculog Acceptance

January 11, 2019


Curriculog Acceptance

Submission Date: 12/14/18                                                                       Faculty Senate Document 18-08

The Senate Faculty Curriculum Committee

For Discussion: 1/11/19

Moved to Action: 1/11/19

Approved: 1/11/19

Whereas: PNW has not had a system that could systematically manage curriculum documents and approval workflows (currently using a Word document, submitted through a Qualtrics form and stored on a website or R drive).

Whereas: Currently there is little transparency as far as tracking the whereabouts of a document or knowing where it is in the workflow process.

Whereas: Currently there are no systematic checks and balances with the current process.  Consequently, it is uncertain if information on the curriculum document displays the most current information about a course without referencing the Banner catalog.

Whereas: At this phase of the curriculum process, documents uploaded into Curriculog may have received previous vote(s).

Be it resolved: The members of the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee would like to propose using the Curriculog system to handle concerns mentioned above.

As such the following benefits will incur: using the catalog import function will guarantee the Faculty are working from the most recently approved set of requirements; all PNW Faculty/staff can easily access the system for current in progress proposals as well as archived proposals; Curriculog’s streamlined electronic process will reduce the risk of documents being misplaced; timed email reminders; transparency; and reporting features that can assist in identifying the impact of curriculum proposals on other courses and programs.

Be it resolved: The originator will launch a proposal to the system for department review without a document number.

Be it resolved: The chair of each college’s respective curriculum committee will be responsible for numbering documents in curriculog prior to submission to the Senate.

Be it resolved: Since this is not the initial stage of a curriculum document, all previous vote(s) along with appropriate signatures of approval must be included by the College’s Curriculum Chair when documents are uploaded to the Senate into Curriculog.

The committee will begin accepting Curriculog submissions in January 2019.


Approved: LaVada Taylor, chair, Pitparnee Stompor; Chien-Chung Chen; Joan Dorman; Yueqi Zhang;

Wangling Yu; Frank Colucci;

Disapproved: N/A


Absent: N/A