FSD 18-11 Grades Submission Deadline

January 11, 2019


Deadline for Submission of Course Grades

Submission Date: 2/8/19                                                                           Faculty Senate Document 18-11

Executive Committee

For Information

Whereas: The Academic Calendar and the date for grades being due has become impractical, based on the fact that grades must be in to West Lafayette by midnight on Wednesday following finals week;

Whereas: Students and administrators often have a need to access grades between Wednesday afternoon and the next day, but no registration and financial aid data can be accessed while grades are being processed, and

Whereas: Currently Banner has to be shut down during the day on the Wednesday following Finals in order to process grades, and

Whereas: Moving the deadline for submission of course grades to the Tuesday following finals at 5 p.m. would allow for Banner to be shut down overnight, instead of during the day, and allow sufficient time for grades to be processed,

Be it resolved:  Starting in the Spring semester of 2019,the deadline for submission of course grades shall be the Tuesday following finals, at 5 p.m.

Approved by the Senate, January 11, 2019.