FSD 18-10 Rebuttal Letters Timeline

February 8, 2019


Timeline for Rebuttal Letters in Promotion and Tenure Process

Submission Date: 2/8/19                                                                           Faculty Senate Document 18-10

Executive Committee

For Information

Whereas: The current promotion and tenure process allows ten calendar days for faculty to submit rebuttal letters after receiving feedback and decisions from each committee level (Primary, Area, Campus); 

Whereas: The current promotion and tenure document reads as follows: “After receiving the letters, the candidate may, within ten calendar days, exercise the right to submit written rebuttals to the recommendations of the Primary Committee, the Department Chair, and/or the School Director (if applicable) by submitting rebuttals to the Department Chair (or the School Director, if applicable) to be placed in the candidate’s file;

Whereas:There is a expressed need to provide each succeeding committee level with ample time to review the entirety of a candidate’s file, including rebuttal letters; 

Therefore: The timeline for rebuttal letters will be reduced to seven (7) calendar days, starting in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Approved by the Senate, January 11, 2019.