FSD 18-15 Creation of Academic Program Review Process Task Force

March 8, 2019


Creation of Academic Program Review Process Task Force

Submission Date: 3/8/19                                                               Faculty Senate Document 18-15

Executive Committee

For Action: 4/12/19


Whereas: The Higher Learning Commission explicitly mandates that we have an approved Program Review process, and

Whereas: Such a process must be in place by summer 2020, and

Whereas: In 2017-2018 Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Becky Stankowski led a task force, comprised of faculty and administrators, that did preliminary work on the development of such a process, and

Whereas: Dr. Stankowski has agreed to serve, in a non-voting capacity, on a new Senate-created task force devoted to the creation of such a process, and to bring to that task force the fruits of the labors of the task force that she led in 2017-2018,

Be it resolved: The Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate hereby creates, and charges its Nominations, Awards, and Elections Committee to populate, a new Academic Program Review Process Task Force, the membership of which is to include at least one representative from each College (including Honors College) and School, Dr. Stankowski, and the Faculty Fellow for assessment (who, like Dr. Stankowski, would serve in a non-voting capacity). The purpose of the Task Force is to develop, in collaboration with the Departments and Colleges, an Academic Program Review Process that utilizes information generated from both external and internal reviews, which is then to be submitted, by February 2020, to the Faculty Senate for approval.


Approved: A. Alavizadeh, A. Mitra, Sarah Smith (chair)