FSD 18-16 Adoption of Ranked Choice Voting for Senate Elections

March 8, 2019


Adoption of Ranked Choice Voting for Senate Elections

Submission Date: 3/8/19                                                                           Faculty Senate Document 18-16

Executive Committee

For Discussion

Moved to Action and Approved: 3/8/19

Whereas: The Senate annually elects a Vice-Chair Elect at its April meeting, who will serve as Vice-Chair in the following academic year and Chair in the subsequent year, and

Whereas: Voting paradoxes are kept to their theoretical minimum by the method of ranked choice voting, also known as the Borda method, in which all electors rank all candidates in order of preference, with the rank orders from all ballots being added together to determine the winner (the candidate with the smallest total score),

Be it resolved: The Senate hereby adopts ranked choice voting as its method of choosing the Vice-Chair elect.


Approved: A. Mitra, D. Detmer (chair), T. Elmendorf, L. Pelter, V. Quinn, K. Scipes, T. Sindone, L. Taylor, R. Vega