FSD 18-17 Transfer Credits and Purdue Global

March 8, 2019


Recommendation that credits earned at Purdue University Global not be accepted for transfer to Purdue University Northwest

Submission Date: 3/8/19                                                               Faculty Senate Document 18-17

Executive Committee

For Discussion


Whereas: Purdue University Global courses are included in the “Core Transfer Library,” making it possible for credits earned in them to be transferred to Purdue University Northwest, and

Whereas: Purdue University Northwest nonetheless retains the right to choose whether or not to accept for transfer credits earned from any given course at Purdue Global, and

Whereas: One important factor contributing to the quality and integrity of the curriculum at Purdue Northwest is that curricular decisions are made by faculty who, because of the protections afforded by tenure, are free to make them on the basis of their educational merits, without fear of having to face any negative consequences should those decisions meet with administrative disapproval, and

Whereas: This factor is lacking at Purdue Global because none of its faculty serve with tenure, with the result that one of our standards of quality (endorsement by a truly independent faculty) is absent in connection with all Purdue Global courses,

Be it resolved: The Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate hereby recommends that no credits earned by taking Purdue Global courses be accepted for transfer to Purdue University Northwest.


Approved: A. Mitra, D. Detmer (chair), T. Elmendorf, L. Pelter, V. Quinn, K. Scipes, T. Sindone, L. Taylor, R. Vega