Report from the Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Westville, May 3, 2019

May 3, 2019

Ad Hoc Committee for the Study of Westville – Report

May 3, 2019

Ad Hoc Committee FSD 18-12 was established to study facility utilization and programs on the Westville campus.  The committee took it as its charge to investigate the declining enrollment on the Westville campus and to develop possible solutions. The committee approved the following preliminary recommendations. The committee continues to gather data and will use that data to make additional recommendations in Fall 2019.

Possible Solutions from Faculty, Staff, and Students      

  1. The Westville Campus Four-Year Promise.Make a promise to students that any student that starts a four-year degree at the Westville campus will be able to finish that degree on the Westville campus and will not have to take any classes or travel to the Hammond Campus.
  2. Vice Chancellor of the Westville Campus.Create the position of Vice Chancellor of the Westville Campus, or similar title, as part of the Senior Leadership Team. This person’s primary responsibility will be engagement in the community and daily operations of the Westville campus, including regular meetings with Westville faculty, staff, and students.
  3. Greater Community Engagement. Reestablish trust and goodwill in the Westville campus service area. Communicate that the Westville campus is here to stay.
  4. Stabilization of the Westville schedule. Develop at least a two-year schedule, in line with the spirit of Faculty Senate Resolution 18-07, that creates a predictable pattern for course offerings to allow students to plan their work and home life.
  5. Increase the Marketing. Provide on-going marketing campaigns, including print media, billboards, e-mails, radio, television, mailings, etc., in LaPorte, St. Joseph, Porter, and Starke counties, and southwest Michigan.
  6. Cultivate Relationships with Guidance Counselors.“Based on our research, guidance counselors are a key influencer in directing prospective undergraduates to a particular college. It’s important for a college website to speak directly to guidance counselors and to make their navigation of the site quick and easy. Consider these great examples from Dartmouth CollegePenn State,Dominican College, and Concordia College. While not the most compelling design, Longwood Collegeoffers a fantastic hub of information.” (Online resource, 2019). Reinstate semiannual breakfast meetings for local guidance counselors on the Westville campus.
  7. Develop Video Classrooms. Provide support for technology and faculty for both campuses to offer video classrooms utilizing software developed specifically for this purpose.
  8. Redirect Bus Service Funds. Redirect resources currently invested in underused bus service into enrollment growth initiatives on the Westville campus.
  9. Institute a Moratorium on Cancelling Low Enrolled, Non-elective Courses to Restore Westville Enrollment.When calculating course enrollments for possible closure, average course enrollments across the department and the college. Also, provide support to departments to run low enrolled courses, until such time as the enrollment on the Westville campus is restored.
  10. Restore Clubs and Activities on the Westville campus. Students remain interested in clubs and activities; however, these are primarily on the Hammond campus. Students have indicated they want more opportunities in Westville.
  11. Provide Athletic Opportunities on the Westville Campus. Increase the use of the Westville athletic facilities.
  12. High School Volunteer Opportunities: Many high schools have programs and clubs which require students to do so many hours of volunteer service for points or membership in the club.  Offer opportunities for students to complete these hours on our campus.
  13. College Students Speak in Local High Schools: Many high schools offer a college and career readiness class, typically in the freshmen or sophomore year.   Have our current students visit these classes and other classes especially those that have juniors or seniors and share their experiences as a PNW student.
  14. Increase Community Engagement with the Westville Campus through the use of the Student Activity Building. Advertise the availability of the Student Activity building for community events.


Respectfully submitted:

David Feikes, Chair

Jim Pula

Donna Whitten

Jeff Shires

Tony Sindone

Vanessa Quinn

Diana Spoljoric

Madison Clinton

Kim Scipes

Staci Trekles