FSD 19-04 Resolution on Faculty Workload

February 27, 2020

Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Document 19-04

Resolution on Faculty Workload

Submission Date: 9/10/19 (Faculty Affairs Committee – revised)

For Discussion: 9/13/19

Whereas PNW faculty have expressed concerns about many issues related to workload, including, but not limited to:

  1. insufficient time to travel and lack of reimbursement between campuses or sites;
  2. insufficient credit for laboratory courses and time spent at field sites;
  3. being assigned the equivalent of more than 4 courses in the case of tenure-track faculty and more than 5 courses in the case of non-tenure track faculty;
  4. being assigned new courses and having schedules abruptly changed shortly before a semester begins;
  5. being given no opportunity for input on workload assignments;
  6. credit hour generation issues;
  7. graduate class calculation issues;
  8. full teaching load despite having a research grant;
  9. equity issues across colleges and within colleges; and
  10. numbers of contact hours as well as numbers of students in a class.

Whereas PNW does not have a consistent, university-wide policy on the assignment of workload to full-time faculty or a consistent process for the calculation of workload, which is applicable across colleges, and

Whereas there are large discrepancies in workload assignment and calculation across departments, schools and colleges, and

Whereas PNW faculty (specifically faculty of each college) should have input into their respective workload calculations,

Be it resolved that: 1) a joint administrative and faculty task force on workload issues be formed to work collaboratively to develop general guidelines for the process of workload calculation and 2) each college develop a calculation formula with faculty input to be voted on by each college by the end of Fall, 2019 semester and to be implemented beginning Summer, 2020.

Be it further resolved that no changes to workload assignment and calculations without faculty input be implemented until such time that the above referenced task force presents recommendations to the issues above or any other issues which arise in their discussions.


Brusca-Vega (Chair)






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