FSD 19-07 Membership in Faculty Senate Curriculum Process

February 27, 2020


Membership in Faculty Senate Curriculum Process

Submission Date: 9/27/19                                                                         Faculty Senate Document 19-07

The Senate Faculty Curriculum Committee

For Discussion: 10/11/19

Moved to action: 10/11/19

Approved: 10/11/19

Whereas: A recent question was posed regarding if an administrator with more than .5FTE release for administrative duties could serve as a voting member at any stage of the curriculum review and/or approval process.

Whereas: Currently no resolution and/or policy exists that identifies who can and who cannot serve as a member of a curriculum committee at any stage of the curriculum review and/or approval process.

Whereas: Specific powers granted to faculty in Section B. 2 and B.4 of the Constitution of Faculty of Purdue Northwest states the following:

  1. Specific Powers

The Faculty shall have the power, except when the interests of other campuses within the Purdue University system are affected:

  1. To review, approve, and recommend to the Trustees the establishment of new degrees and degree programs to be introduced at Purdue University Northwest, and the discontinuance of existing degrees and degree programs when they no longer contribute to the fulfillment of the mission of the university;
  2. To develop curricula and course content

Be it resolved:  A faculty member is denoted by a minimum of 0.5 FTE dedicated to teaching.

Be it resolved: All curricular proposals shall originate with a faculty member in his/her respective department and/or school.

Be it further resolved: All matters related to curricula should be addressed, voted upon and moved through the Faculty Senate curriculum process by faculty member(s) who meet the qualifications to serve on the Faculty Senate, which is those faculty who have no less than 0.5 FTE dedicated to teaching and who have no supervisory authority over other faculty. This requirement extends to those serving as chair on his/her respective department/school and college curriculum committee.



LaVada Taylor, Chair

Catherine Gillotti

Joan Dorman

Pitparnee Stompor

Florian Vauleon

Chien-Chung Chen

Michael Roller