FSD 19-08 Membership of Promotion/Tenure Committees for Clinical Faculty

February 27, 2020

PNW Faculty Senate

Membership of Promotion/Tenure Committees for Clinical Faculty

Faculty Affairs Committee

FSD 17-08

For Discussion: 11/8/19

Whereas: The Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate has developed Promotion and Tenure Guidelines supplementing the System-wide Academic Tenure and Promotion Policies and Procedures, and

Whereas: Paragraph 1D, Promotion and Tenure Committees, of such guidelines is absent the components of committees for Clinical Faculty Promotions, and

Whereas: Purdue University Office of the Provost memo dated April 15, 2019, Section III page four clearly states:

“ At least one Clinical/Professional Faculty member at the professor level will sit with the Primary and Area Committees when Clinical/Professional Faculty are considered for promotion to professor. At least one Clinical/Professional Faculty at the professor or associate professor level will sit with the Primary Committee in review of promotion of Clinical/Professional Faculty instructors and assistant professors. When this minimum number of Clinical/Professional Faculty is not available in the candidate’s department, additional Clinical/Professional Faculty full and/or associate professors shall be appointed by the chair of the Area Committee to which the Primary Committee reports, following consultation with the appropriate department head.”.

Be it resolved that Clinical Faculty Promotion Committees shall be composed of at least one Clinical Professor or Clinical Associate Professor level, as appropriate, will sit on the Primary (Department/School) and Area (College) Committees of Clinical Faculty instructors and assistant professors as they seek promotion and that the Guidelines be amended to reflect this change.


Rita Brusca-Vega, Chair

Michael Connolly

Marianne Curia

Omer Farook

Colette Morrow

Neeti Parashar

Vanessa Quinn

Geoff Schultz


Not Approved