FSD 19-09 Addition of Member at Campus Committee Level

February 27, 2020

PNW Faculty Senate

Addition of Member at Campus Committee Level

Faculty Affairs Committee

FSD 17-09

For Discussion: 11/8/19

Whereas: The Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate Promotion and Tenure Guidelines currently states that the Campus (University) Committee will consist of two elected members from each disciplinary College, resulting in an even number of members and the possibility of split decisions; and

Whereas:  It is preferable for the Campus (University) Committee to provide the Provost/VCAA with decisions clearly for or against tenure and/or promotion;

Be it resolved that one at-large elected member with a term of two years be added to the Campus (University) Committee.


Rita Brusca-Vega, Chair

Michael Connolly

Marianne Curia

Omer Farook

Colette Morrow

Neeti Parashar

Vanessa Quinn

Geoff Schultz

Not Approved