FSD 19-12 General Education Course Equivalencies

February 27, 2020

Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Document 19-12

Submission Date: December 13, 2019 (General Education and Assessment Steering Committee)

Senate Action and Date: 12/13/19 (added to agenda for discussion)

General Education Course Equivalencies

The General Education and Assessment Steering Committee submits for information and approval the following equivalencies of approved General Education courses.

Students who complete HONR 11100 have fulfilled the ENGL 10400 requirement

Students who complete HONR 11200 have fulfilled the COM 11400 requirement

Students who complete HONR 21100 have fulfilled the ENGL 10500 requirement

Rationale:  Each of these three honors courses is designed to meet the student learning objectives of either ENGL 10400, ENGL 10500, or COM 11400.  The equivalency is specified in the Curriculum documents approved by the senate that originally established these honors courses.

Because of the implementation of Degree Works, it is essential that we codify and systematize these equivalencies to avoid requiring department chairs and faculty to process individual exemptions every time an Honors College student takes one of these courses.  Formal approval of these equivalences offers the most efficient means to integrating these courses into students’ plans of studies in Degree Works.

General Education and Assessment Steering Committee


  • X. Yang
  • W. He
  • D. Kozel
  • M. Errihani
  • L. Gielda
  • J. Rogers
  • W. Yu
  • L. Pelter