FSD 19-16: Senate Budget Committee

March 11, 2020

Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Document 19-16

Submission Date: March 13, 2020 (Senate Budget Committee)

For Discussion Date: March 13, 2020

For Action Date:  April 10, 2020

Tabled:  April 10, 2020  

Whereas through the Chancellor, Faculty may advise the President of the University and The Board of Trustees (BOT) concerning resource allocation and budget priorities of Purdue University Northwest. (Senate Constitution III.C–7).

Whereas the unification of Purdue Calumet and Purdue North Central was initiated by the BOT as an administrative cost-saving measure across the two campuses;

Whereas administrative costs at PNW have increased since the unification of the two campuses – Purdue Calumet and Purdue North Central – and at the time during a significant enrollment decline;

Whereas administrative costs, as a share of the total budget, have risen significantly over the past year while instructional costs have declined.

Whereas administrative costs, as a share of the total budget, have risen extensively compared to pre-merger spending levels.

Whereas during these administrative costs increases, PNW employees have been denied annual pay raises two times since unification;

Therefore, be it resolved that:

  • Administrative costs be reviewed and budget cuts targeting administrative growth instituted, including an administrative restructuring, allowing for a minimum 1 percent increase to all employee salaries in the proposed PNW budget currently before the BOT;
  • A review of the increase in administrative costs and concurrent decreases in instructional costs, as they have occurred since the unification of the two campuses, be done by the BOT;

Be it further resolved that: The Chancellor, Senate leadership, and the Senate Budget Advisory Committee members analyze and assess the current administrative structure of PNW for the purpose of creating better efficiencies and equitable distribution of resources between and among the instructive and administrative branches.


Be it further resolved that: This meeting to discuss the above-mentioned analysis and assessment be convened before the next meeting of the BOT scheduled for 2 April 2020.


Mita Choudhury

Geoff Schultz (Budget. Chair)

Anthony Sindone

Fang Song Wang

Not Approved:



Vijay Devabhaktuni

Neeti Parashar (Medical Leave)

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