FSD 19-17 Spring Break Extension

April 7, 2020

Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Document 19-17

Submission Date: March 18, 2020 (Executive Committee)

Discussion Date: March 18, 2020

Action Date:  March 18, 2020

Approved:  March 18, 2020

Whereas: The current crisis of Covid-19 has caused extraordinary turmoil, including at Purdue Northwest and its surrounding communities, and

Whereas:  The announcement of the move to online instructional delivery took place just before Spring Break of 2020, and

Whereas:  Faculty have a wide range of expertise and access to both software and hardware for the delivery of online instruction, including many faculty with very little of any of these, and

Whereas:  The faculty of Purdue University Northwest are committed to deliver the best possible learning environment for our students, and

Whereas:  Many faculty have commitments during Spring Break other than a frantic dash to prepare for an unfamiliar online environment for instruction, such commitments including, but not limited to, withdrawing children from other colleges and universities closing residences in response to Covid-19, preparing households for extended stays at home, and other previous plans, and

Whereas:  Many universities are extending their Spring Breaks in order to allow faculty adequate time to prepare for instructional delivery in a new and, for many, challenging environment, and

Whereas:  By section III.B.7 of the Constitution, the Purdue Northwest academic calendar is controlled by the Senate, therefore:

Be it resolved: Spring Break of 2020 will be extended one week for students, with the purpose of giving faculty time to adequately prepare for the delivery of instruction in a new and, for many, unfamiliar learning environment. The end of the semester will remain as currently scheduled.


  1. Domke
  2. Elmendorf (Chair)
  3. Scipes
  4. Sindone
  5. Taylor


Not voting:

  1. Farook
  2. Pelter