PNW Process for suspension of academic programs from VCAA(REV)

May 4, 2020

Purdue University Northwest

Process for Suspension:  Academic Program

  1. Program related information will be provided to the Dean and Department Chair/School Director by the Provost’s Office:
  • Historical and current enrollment data
  • Historical graduation data
  • Cost of delivery to majors

2. Department Chair will share all data with the program faculty members as a group, then discuss the suspension option of the program.

3.Program faculty vote via secret ballot on the program suspension and the final vote is recorded.

4.Department Chair communicates the final vote to faculty members and to Dean; along with his or her own recommendation to the Dean.

5. Dean communicates his or her own recommendation to the Provost; as well as the Department Chair recommendation and faculty vote.

6. VCAA/Provost makes the final decision on program suspension and the official action is recorded with the Registrar, and other Enrollment Management offices.