FSD 19-23 Experiential Learning Course Application Form

May 7, 2020

FSD 19-23 Experiential Learning Course Application Form – Faculty Senate and Governance

Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Document 19-23

Submission Date: 05/08/2020 (General Education)

Senate Action and Date:

For Discussion, 05/08/2020

For Action: 5/08/2020

Approved: 5/08/2020

Faculty Senate Document 19-23 creates a structure for Experiential Learning assessment for Purdue University Northwest. This document is an update to the Curriculum Document Coversheet which incorporates the procedures for submitting a course for Experiential Learning approval (see Section V- pages 14-17). The General Education and Assessment Steering (GEA) Committee therefore proposes adoption of the following procedures and attached form for designation of courses in Experiential Learning (EL).

The Experiential Learning Course Application Process

The attached form will be used to apply for proposed additions to the approved Experiential Learning course lists, or deletions of courses from the lists. New courses that are submitted for EL designation should be submitted through the curriculum committee following the established process. The due date to submit a completed form to the GEA Committee is November 1. The GEA Committee will review forms, make inquiries if needed, and inform the contact faculty of its recommendation, as well as the Curriculum Committee. This will allow the GEA committee to bring forward a Faculty Senate document in February ratifying its recommendations for modifying the lists for the subsequent academic year, leaving enough time for the PNW catalog to be appropriately updated.

Originating faculty will receive formal responses from the GEA Committee, with written explanations for negative decisions, no later than 10 business days after the Faculty Senate meeting following submission of the form. Responses will also be sent simultaneously to the chair of the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee.

While the GEA Committee will work informally with faculty to address any concerns, there are three possible formal responses:

  • Course is recommended for addition to Experiential Learning list pending approval by the Faculty Senate
  • Course is not ready to be approved, but resubmission with revisions is recommended
  • Course is not appropriate for Experiential Learning list and will not be recommended for Faculty Senate approval

General Education and Assessment Steering Committee

Approved: D. Pratt, L. Gielda, W. He, W. Yu, J. Rogers, D. Kozel, L. X. Yang


Not Approved: