FSD 19-24 Resolution regarding the use of student course evals. for Spring 2020

May 7, 2020

FSD 19-24 Resolution regarding the use of student course evaluations for Spring, 2020.

Purdue University Northwest Faculty Senate

Discussion Date: 5/08/2020

Senate Action Date: 6/05/20


Whereas: The student course evaluation of faculty teaching is a valuable tool for faculty to help assess their teaching effectiveness, and

Whereas: Faculty supervisors and department heads regard the results of such evaluations in faculty merit raises, retention, promotion, and tenure decisions, and

Whereas: The course evaluation will provide valuable information regarding the strengths and challenges of online teaching,

Whereas: The Spring 2020 semester was plagued by an unprecedented event, the COVID-19 virus, forcing all courses regardless of initial design to be redesigned and delivered online with only a few days’ preparation time, and

Whereas: Many faculty members had never experienced teaching online prior to this event, and

Whereas: Course evaluations resulting from the efforts of faculty who delivered such courses would not necessarily reflect teaching effectiveness of faculty,

Be it resolved that Spring 2020 semester course evaluations shall carry less weight in determining merit raises, retention, promotion and tenure than has been the practice in the past.