Faculty Senate Minutes July 17, 2020

August 9, 2020

Purdue Northwest Faculty Senate

Executive Committee, in lieu of the Senate

July 17, 2020 via Zoom


Artz, A. Elmendorf, L. Pelter, M. Pelter, D. Pratt, K. Scipes, A. Sindone, D. Underwood


Farook, G. Domke, L. Taylor

  1. Determination of quorum.
  2. Call to order.
  3. Approval of the agenda. Approved
  4. Approval of the minutes from 06/05/20. Approved
  5. Curriculum documents and other curriculum issues (Curriculum). No report.
  6. Documents from other committees (EPC, FAC, GE&A, SAC, N&A) not addressed below. No Report
  7. FSD 19- 27 Resolution for Increased Aid for Public Higher Education. This resolution was shared with Chancellor Keon by Elmendorf, Pelter, and Scipes. The chancellor was hesitant about signing on to a document that asked for additional state funding. The document was amended to remove the language about state funding and was approved as amended.  It will be signed on behalf of the Senate and sent to the Chancellor as well as shared with other state universities.


8.   Report on the Back to Work Task Force (Libbie Pelter)

  • Recommendations from the task force committee goes to the senior leadership, who convey the information to the deans and department heads. There has been some miscommunication as information has been passed down from the chairs to the faculty.  Holford will be addressing this.  Artz stated that some contract faculty in his unit feel that they have to teach face-to-face or risk their employment.  Pelter stated if faculty want to teach remotely, they can do so by simply filling out the HR form.  Pelter stated that the Fall schedules are now being updated and will be available this week.

9.  Discussion of Proposed Faculty Qualtrics Survey on the Budget (Artz)

  • This was assigned to Faculty Affairs. There has been no activity at this point by FA.  This will be an item for discussion at the August Senate Executive Committee meeting.

10.  Updating list of senators.

  • Underwood will work with Domke (N&A) to update the list of senators before August.


11.  FSD 19-28 COVID19 Revision to FSD 16-32 Faculty Syllabus Template. (A. Elmendorf) The faculty syllabus template was amended to include statements about COVID19 Preparedness, Zoom Etiquette, and Course Engagement during COVID19. A friendly amendment stating proper face mask covering was added.


12.  Discussion on adding COVID19 language from FSD 19-28 into all Brightspace Courses. The Committee voted that COVID19 statements from FSD 19-28 should not be administratively added to Faculty Brightspace courses.


13.  Student Civility Policy This policy located on the Dean of Students webpage and given in the Faculty Syllabus Template was originally written and approved by the Purdue Calumet Senate.  It was never approved by PNW Senate.   The document will be assigned to the Student Affairs committee for review.


14.  Adjournment