FSD 20-10 Grade Submission Deadline for Fall 2020

November 12, 2020

FSD 20-10 Grades Submission Deadline for Fall 2020


Fall 2020 Grade Deadline Change

Submission Date: 11/13/20                                                                       \

Executive Committee

For Information

Whereas: The Academic Calendar and the deadline for faculty to submit grades is Tuesday at 5pm following finals, making this semester’s deadline December 22nd, and

Whereas: timely processing of grades by the registrar will be impractical given that the University will be closed during the this time period and the deadline this semester for submission to PWL of 8PM on the Dec. 22nd;

Whereas: even with essential staff at both PWL and PNW working that day to complete grade files and processing, a 5PM deadline for faculty to submit grades provides insufficient time for the registrar to complete grade processing and follow up on outstanding grade issues and meet the PWL deadline.

Be it resolved:   the deadline for submission of course grades by faculty to the registrar’s office shall be the Tuesday at noon for the Fall 2020 semester.