FSD 20-08 Establishment of Senate Westville Committee

December 4, 2020

Faculty Senate Document 20-08:   Establishment of Senate Westville Committee


Committee:  Executive

Submission Date: December 11, 2020

For Discussion:  December 11, 2020  APPROVED

It is hereby resolved that:

Whereas: the Senate shall hereby establish the Senate Westville Committee, known as the Westville ad hoc committee of the Senate Executive Committee to report directly to that Committee;

Whereas; the purpose of the Westville Committee shall be to examine possible programmatic and class options to help ensure greater utilization of the Westville campus.  It shall initially be chaired by the 2020-2021 Senate Vice Chair, Kim Scipes;

Whereas: this Committee shall organize itself into three operating sub-committees (also known as break-out groups) and  additional sub-committees may be added by the Committee, as needed;

Whereas: the Westville Committee shall be comprised of faculty members, staff, staff organization representatives, and students from PNW’s Westville Campus, as well as faculty members from the Hammond Campus of PNW.  Each group shall have one representative in each operating sub-committee, in addition to Westville faculty members on the Committee who have been assigned to these sub-committees;

Whereas: the Westville Committee’s mandate is large, for  it shall interact with faculty, staff and students particularly on, but not limited to, the Westville campus and it may also be empowered to talk with civic, political and social leaders in the larger Westville community area as its members deem necessary and/or advisable;

Whereas: the Westville Committee shall report monthly to the PNW Executive Committee and, as needed, to the entire Faculty Senate;

Therefore, it is hereby recommended to the PNW Executive Committee and the PNW Senate that the Westville Committee or PNW be established with reporting responsibilities to the PNW Executive Committee and the Faculty Senate and it is hereby submitted to the Executive Committee to be placed on the Faculty Senate agenda for action.